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will be the next opponent for after he defeats the Russian bear wrestler. The UFC will then capitalize on a fight in Dublin featuring the Irish star and then from there he'll be clear to fight whomever and whenever he wants for the brand. From there he'll likely go on to defend his lightweight title or settle the score with .

The match up stylistically speaking is going to be one of the best fights in modern history between two human beings at their prime. Tony Ferguson is no joke, and he has shown what he's capable of in the past. When he knocks out in their next meeting it will be a glorious upset against an undefeated opponent.

Khabib is a wrestler that relies too heavily on his opponent not being able to wrestle off their backs. He's faced minimal challenges on his ride through his undefeated reign and that is why no one has heard of him until he put a stink when Conor got a title shot. Khabib is an amazing wrestle but if Tony keeps Khabib at bay or even off his back then Khabib will not win the fight.

The fight between and will be one of the more amazing striking matchups that the world has seen. It will be a serious test for both of these gentlemen if or when they step into the octagon with each other. Conor has been knocking people out and Tony has been knocking people out, so it's will be a nuclear bomb when the two of them collide.

This means that the likely winner of the belt will be and therefore it's necessary that he buries the hatchet with . A third fight and an end to their trilogy should be at the top of his to do list when he decimates in his title defense.

There you have it, the next opponent for and what is the likely outcome of the next bout between him and . It's going to be a helluva year for the and in general but god damn we cannot wait to see some of the beasts back in action.

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