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So I’ve been spending the majority of my time trying to get through this entirely new map on the Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor. What at first seems to be a simple search and rescue mission, soon turns into something much more integral.

With Synths, Children of Atom fanatics and stubborn Harbor men to contend with, this DLC is definitely worth the purchase. There’s plenty to be getting on with, enough side quests to make things interesting and help with discovering new locations. I mean, who wouldn’t want to run in to some Synth eating cannibals and be given the choice to just walk away and be like… okay no problem bye. Let’s just say I still felt pretty obliged to take care of the situation.

So I follow the main quest and about half way through I’m tasked with going undercover and intercepting the Children of Atom. This opened up to some interesting side quests and even more interesting characters. For example, before you even get into the Nucleus you must go on a spiritual quest and drink from the Atom spring. As you can imagine this is a rad infested creak that gives me some sort of vision to follow a ghostly figure to a shrine.

So once I’d finally got access to Nucleus and spoken to a number of religious nuts, it was time to start digging for those memories. After some reasonably difficult (without power armour) enemies, you can access the terminal to find Dima’s memories. But wait, there’s a whole new aspect to the game.

That’s right, we’re then inside the terminal trying to access the memories using some sort of bug. It felt very much like Portal meets Minecraft in the sense that you had Dima speaking to you throughout the experience and you needed to move bricks of ‘code’ to get around. Fantastic puzzle feature in my opinion.

If you’re struggling, check out this guide to getting through.

So now you have a number of different options including; confronting Dima about his past, destroying Nucleus, or destroying Far Harbor. You can also do some more digging – which is exactly what I chose to do.

After uncovering Dima’s murder of Far Habor’s Captain Avery and replacement with a synth, I wasn’t sure what step I was going to take next! Do I take action against Dima, or hear him out?


Not wanting to cause trouble with any fraction, I opted for the peaceful option and managed to talk my way out of all confrontations (10 Charisma). Keeping Dima’s secret, replacing the head of Children of Atom and convincing Kasumi Nakano to return home – all ended well!

At some point I think it will be worth going back to a previous save and trying out alternate options, even if it’s just to see some amazing visual explosions.

After completing the main storyline, there are some fantastic side quests worth undertaking – my favourite has to be ‘Brain Dead’. This quests starts when you see a Miss Nanny robot trying to get the attention of someone in regards to a murder – with nobody paying attention I headed on over and offered my help. I won’t go into detail but this quest is a brilliant detective quest that involves a number of robots with unique personalities.

Let me know if you’ve played the Far Harbor Fallout 4 DLC and which ending you got!

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