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I have never been so enthralled and excited while watching a movie, I have never been so surprised by any film like i have this one. Foxcatcher is the story of an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1984 who him and his brother (Dave) live mediocre lives in a small suburban city. One day he gets a call from John Du Pont asking him to come visit him. He does so and is asked by Mr. Du Pont to come and wrestle for him, Mark and his brother. Dave doesn't want to leave but Mark goes anyways. During his duration there he wins over 5 more Olympic Gold Medals and becomes tiresome of the place, lots of struggles all through it, but I am not here to spoil it, just review.

I would have pirated this movie onto my laptop after getting out of the theater, but i can wait. I had read all the reviews, watched the interviews and I even read the book. I was so excited to see this movie. i was just Bamboozled by how eloquent the acting was, how good Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo just had that connection that you could just feel. Steve Carell, we know him as a comedian and just a plain out goof ball, which we all love, but this was the most serious and well acted portrayal of anyone I have ever seen in all filmography. They transformed him and made him this evil and insipid character where you just know from the beginning that something is going to go wrong.

All throughout the movie I could not take my eyes of the screen. It was so well directed and filmed, it gave the right setting of what time they were in and the film gave it a tone which without having would change the film, at least for me. The conversations the actors have in this is shown with true emotion. The film has all of these hooks that you never see coming, there so sudden.

This was definitely one of the best films of the year and one of the best I have ever seen. It has a great re-watch ability factor because you want to make sure you didn't miss anything, you want to see more and thats why i give this movie 10/10.

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