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Isn't he lucky, this Hollywood boy?

Ki-Ki, Ma-Ma... Ki-Ki, Ma-Ma...

If it's Friday the 13th, it's time to talk about slashers! On this unlucky day, Mulholland Doctor has the horror hounds covered. Once and for all we put the debate to rest (in pieces), because only one horror movie villain is a cut above the rest! More than a year ago, I began writing for Moviepilot as part of their Creators Academy. As of 2017, I am no longer affiliated with said program, but I have created a YouTube channel dedicated to all aspects of horror filmmaking. Mulholland Doctor is a channel encompassing visual monographs, movie reviews, film analysis and theory, as well as rankings and contests. I have decided to comb through my previous Moviepilot contributions to bring to life many of the stories that garnered tens of thousands of views. I bring to you The Sinister Six: The Definitive Ranking of Horror Film Icons, the first video produced for this segment taken from my November 2015 article The Sinister Six: The Definitive Ranking of Modern Horror Icons.

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