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Last Tuesday the so long waited show premiered and the ratings and viewers agree that Scream Queens isn't Ryan Murphy's best work, with shows like glee and American Horror Story on his book, Scream queens needed a really good story + actings to be on top just like the rest of murphy's creations. Starring Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis this show better be good, but was it? Short answer? hell yes!

So as an Emma-Ariana-Leah-Ryan fan I'm here to give you 5 great reasons to give scream queens a shot and watch it tonight on Fox.


I'm well aware that through AHS: Coven and Freakshow, Emma wasn't the most liked person and lots complained on the net because of her 'terrible acting'. Well I don't know what it is, but she makes a great bitch on screen, either as the bratty-popular-rich self centered Chanel Oberlin (in scream queens) or bratty popular rich self centered witch* Madison Montgomery (in AHS:Coven). Both are really similar characters but you'll end up loving her and all the crazy stuff she has to say, it could be saying hello to the 'idiot hookers' or fighting a barista for not getting her 'trenta ,no foam, five shot, half caff, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees'. Emma will rock you.


Not only Jamie Lee Curtis is THE original scream queen of all times but she also has a pretty bad ass character on the show, she is the Dean of the university, she loves students but hates sororities and she HATES Chanel, and is not afraid to let her know. Cathy Munsch is the perfect combination of a woman you could trust in moments of need, and a bitch you should never trust if there's an unknown killer on the loose.


Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying they are less important then the 2 previously mentioned, I just needed a whole paragraph for the 2 most bad ass characters (in my opinion). But back to the great cast of young stars, Starting with Ariana Grande, Leah Michele, Keke Palmer, (a very naked) Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta, Skyler Samuels, Abigail Breslin and so much more it would take forever to go. However all this stars make the show more interesting and pleasant to watch, it's so lovely.


After watching the show i was so excited and ready for the next episode next week, so I went to twitter to check the hype and I was surprised when tons of people where complaining about Scream Queens, not being scary enough. FYI Scream Queens is not a horror show, it's a comedy with elements of horror and some other genres added to it. Think about it as a Heathers meets Scream meets Mean Girls, yeah sort of like that. ¿WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT IN THEIR LIVES? I know i do !


This one might sound a little tricky but it's because you HAVE to watch it in order to understand, but I'm gonna try to explain; The show is about a in a trying to get the in . It all sounds so cliche and done to death, yes ! But never before on a TV Show and with a comedic approach, which makes it so unique and fun to watch. Besides ¿Who wouldn't want to know what is doing right now, and getting killed to .? You see, you must see the show to understand.

Do yourself a favor and watch Scream Queens tonight at 9PM on FOX.


Will you watch Scream Queens tonight?


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