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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.

Seatbelts on, guys, we're about to take another bumpy high-speed ride through the rocky terrain of Chinese whispers. All roads lead to Gotham, but not all roads lead to truth, so take everything you read below with an entire batcave of salt.

The DC discussion has shifted over the past week or two from whether or not the is beyond resuscitation to the likelihood of Ben Affleck returning to play . His solo movie has already found its likely new director, Matt Reeves, and now a new 'insider' rumor suggests that a new Batman trilogy is on the way — and that key players like Affleck and Jared Leto may be out.

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Posted on Reddit in various parts, it's a bit of an infodump, so let's break this rumor down into bitesize pieces and try to work out what could be truth and what's BS.

The first revelation is that Reeves has a multi-film deal with DC — or at least, that's what's on the cards, although the contract isn't signed yet. That's not difficult to buy. Even after the catastrophe of Suicide Squad, David Ayer is back in the fold for Gotham City Sirens, suggesting he too had a multi-film deal.

All the latest 'Batman' gossip:

Perhaps more interesting are the rumors that Reeves is being eyed exclusively to make Batman movies, suggesting we'll be getting a new trilogy with one director at the helm. That's pretty major — even Zack Snyder doesn't have that kind of commitment. The intent is obvious: A director with a vision, starting from scratch, might deliver on a similar scale to Christopher Nolan with his Dark Knight trilogy.

Reeves has just completed a Planet Of The Apes trilogy (although he didn't direct the first movie), and it seems to be his brilliant work on that franchise which has given DC the confidence to hand over so much creative control.

And speaking of creative control, the rumor states that Reeves has the final say over all casting decisions, which, again, is pretty expected for a director but takes on a more interesting dimension considering the speculation around Affleck. The Redditor claims an actor will have to be locked down for all forthcoming Batman movies, which goes against everything we've heard about Affleck's current state of mind, suggesting he may decide to cast a new Batman.

Is Affleck's Batman done? [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Is Affleck's Batman done? [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Just as controversial is the claim that "There are whispers he might recast the Joker. Leto has cooled on the role and it's unlikely that Reeves holds tight with Ayer's vision of street-level villains." His work on Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was more about creating grounded characters than the cartoony, posturing gangster of Jared Leto's Joker — would there really be a place for him in Reeves's vision of Gotham?

As I said in the intro, we're in the realm of whispers and speculation here, and a guy on Reddit is definitely not what you'd call a trusted source, but most of his post sounds pretty legit. Skeptics might want to read the Reddit thread in full to judge for themselves. Watch the video below for a full round-up of all the Joker scenes cut from Suicide Squad.

Would you be happy with Reeves directing a new trilogy, dumping Leto's Joker and casting yet another Clown Prince?

(Source: Reddit)

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