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It’s coming and it seems to be straight from the heart of a nerd high on nostalgia! We all grew up on the Justice League and Justice League unlimited cartons that aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2000’s and now it seems we are finally going to realize the dream of seeing our favorite characters on the big screen.

Batman, Superman and Wonder woman return and team up with debuting superheroes The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. This sure fire blockbuster is set for release in November later this year. The sheer anticipation of the movie has not just encompassed the country but the entire world as people are already giving into the hype with a huge number of custom print T-shirt. The obsession is driving us all insane to the point of some wild suggestions and crazy movie predictions. Here are 5 fan theories about the Justice League movie that will blow your mind!

1) The Villain Is… Superman!

The conclusion of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice saw the death of one of comic’s greatest hero’s, the one character who defined the term ‘superhero.’ The final seconds of the film however teased the return of Superman as the dust in his grave begins to rise.

The theory, however, lies not in his resurrection, but in what role he plays in the movie with many suggesting that Superman might be the antagonist. This is undoubtedly shocking for most fans as Superman is a character who represents hope (much like his ‘S’ symbol). Dawn of Justice had already shown a clash of heroes and it seems to be the case once more, teased in the Knightmare sequence of the film is a villainous Superman who has kidnapped Batman.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

The main building block of this theory is the fact that we already have not one but two Justice League trailers out and there isn’t a sign of Superman. Is he being a kept a secret only to be unveiled a villain? The possibility of this happening has already been teased and with all the secrecy surrounding Superman this theory can very well be true!

2) Superman Does Not Die In The First Place!

A fan theory suggests that instead of being dead, the man of steel is not even on Earth! Remember the dirt rising on Clark’s grave in the final moments of Dawn of Justice? Well it might not be his revival but rather him being transported to… Apokolips! With the mention of that word every die hard comic fan just realized the awesomeness of what is to come! Apokolips is the planet of the Parademons, the creatures shown in the Batman V Superman Knightmare sequence, and is ruled by the big baddie of the DC comics universe, Darkseid!

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

However, instead of Darkseid (who is being saved as a bigger force to reckon with in the future) we all know who the main villain of the Justice League movie is, Steppenwolf! Steppenwolf (for anyone unfamiliar and does not read comics) is a god in the DC universe and a member of Darkseid’s elite team. Steppenwolf will kidnap and revive Superman to serve for Darkseid and the main conflict, as this theory suggests, lies in Justice League trying to save Superman.

3) Justice League Escapes, Steppenwolf Is Killed By Darkseid!

Continuing the aforementioned theory is the predicted conclusion. When the League goes to Apokolips they are overwhelmed by the combined power of Steppenwolf and the Parademons and are merely able to escape thanks to Cyborg and his control of the Motherboxes. Motherboxes are transportation devices that were made in Apokolips for Darkseid to move his forces around the universe. This is surely not a win by the Justice League and might not be the most popular ending of a film but it surely makes the eventual biggest villain of the DC Extended Universe look like a formidable force. Enraged at Steppenwolf’s failure, Darkseid is the one to him. This sure does sound epic seeing two beasts like them to slug it out! We can’t wait!

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Clearly these fan theories are a bit out there and lack concrete evidence but it surely does excite the nerd in all of us. We will only find out the reality of the movie when it comes out in cinemas so for now we shall obsess and get done with the summer session of Justice League goodies while we wait for our favorite heroes to grace our screens in November!

What did you think of these fan theories?

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