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It's been almost exactly 9 years since Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad TV drama first forced it's way onto our screens and into the lives of millions worldwide. Arguably just as addictive as the meth Walter White cooks, this show was known for it's witty dialogue, gripping story and it's dark humour.

The show was just as well known for it's Easter Eggs too:

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Of course, a quick Google search will bring up hundreds of these articles, showing fans little bits they may have missed and more things to enjoy about the show. And why not? They definitely made me want to re-watch the show. So I did. And I noticed a few things. A few things namely about this guy:

Mike Ehrmantraut, fan favourite and all round badass. I'm going to add a massive SPOILER ALERT here for those of you who haven't seen/finished the show yet, if there are any of you left out there: turn back now!

Season 5, Episode 2: Madrigal

I'm going to go backwards on this one and start with Season 5. Let me set the scene: Gus has just been annihilated by Walt, and Walt is looking to become the new King Pin. His first move is setting up a business with Mike:

Exactly Mike's reaction.
Exactly Mike's reaction.

This episode has a heavy focus on Mike: his reaction to the loss of his former boss Gus, his involvement with Madrigal, and his general need to clear up after Walter's mess.

This is the first time the audience sees Mike as an old homebody, rather than the badass he is. The episode also has a focus on Mike's granddaughter Kaylee's various drawings, showing Mike's motivation for moving forward with Walter's meth business, despite his initial refusal:

However it seems that creator Vince Gilligan left a little clue in Kaylee's drawings that Mike would come around to the idea, motivated by his need to take care of her. Take a look at this image:

On the image behind Walt, on Kaylee's drawing you can see the words 'Blue is good Yellow is bad'. Innocent enough, as the colours blue and yellow match the colour of the writing, and hey, we all know what kids are like. However clearly a reference to Walt's blue coloured meth, and given the placement of the text, disturbingly close to Walt's face, it's almost as if he is saying these words to Mike.

The 'Yellow is bad' section? There are a few characters associated with the colour yellow throughout the season: Hank namely is often seen in yellow and orange hues, along with Jesse. But also there's this guy:

The guy Walter has just killed, Mike's ex-boss. And the Los Pollos Hermanos logo even has a bright yellow background:

And as part of this episode is about Walter trying to convince Mike to do business with him, the 'Blue is good Yellow is bad' argument fills the purpose. Although given Mike's end, 'Yellow is good' might have been more preferable.

And speaking of Mike's end, we may have been warned about that from the moment we met him.

Season 2, Episode 13: ABQ

Let's go back to the start: when Mike Ehrmantraut first entered the series. In this episode, Jesse is has just discovered Jane's dead body next to him, her death caused by a heroin overdose that Walter could have prevented. And being the comfort he is, Mike is sent over by Saul to deal with Jane's body and the grieving Jesse:

Soon after, Jesse, distraught with guilt believing he caused Jane's death ends up in a crack house, which Mike takes Walter to collect him from in his car:

Notice Mike's number plate on the back: VR57G1.

And the episode that Mike dies in? Season 5, Episode 7. And the man who kills him? In the car next to him.

Maybe not quite like this, but you get the idea
Maybe not quite like this, but you get the idea

Oh, and, yeah, V and G in the number plate? I see you, Vince Gilligan. You're not slick.

Complete coincidence? Or a time warning on Mike? Let me know in the comments!


Mike's number plate: coincidence, or time warning?

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