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Worlds collide

As many of you already know The Hunger Games unlike The Divergent series follow a very similar utopian premise where Beatrice Prior and Katniss Everdeen are both heroines in their own way. Katniss who is known for her courage and bravery sacrifices herself for her younger sister inorder to appease the Capitol and President Snow. While on the other hand, Tris is a coward and a bit confused as to why she is different but eventually she grows out of it when she becomes a full pledged member of Dauntless.

I have read all of the books in the Divergent series and have seen most of The Hunger Game movies so it is pretty obvious that my theory might not be too far off from the truth. My theory from both of these artistic pieces of work is that the reason Katniss Everdeen goes crazy after being in the two Hungar Games is not because of the game itself ,although killing children for sport is traumatic and a bloody buisness,but the trackers that were placed in their arm could've had a serum in them much like the ones that are used in the Divergent books. Do you remember the Tribute Center that was in the Capitol? I don't think they were making pumpkin juice in those beakers that contained multicolored liquids. We all know that President Snow remained in office for a very long time because he took out his enemies in various ways after he was done using them which is ironic because Jeanine Matthews almost had Beatrice killed when she could no longer use her to perfect the Divergent serum and take over the other factions. My last part of this argument is that both of the bad guys used the heroine's lover or family member inorder to persuade them to make irrational choices because all who stand to gain power are the ones who are afraid to lose it.

Therefore inconclusion it is my belief that these two book series are connected. The Hunger Games may portray the city outside of the fence that is described in the Divergent books but the Divergent series portrays the experimentation being done on the people by government.

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