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I sense a disturbance in your viewing pleasure if you have yet to see Rogue One - SPOILER ALERT!

In 2015 we were served with a continuation of the Star Wars Saga when Episode VII: The Force Awakens brought us into a galaxy far, far away with events that took place thirty years after the Battle on Endor. This year, in 2016, we are taken back to experience an excerpt that takes place prior to the moments leading into Episode IV: A New Hope.

Twice Lord Vader appears in Rogue One and in some other instances according to the trailer. BUT - There is a moment when Vader's presence is made without him even being shown.

Do I got your attention? All right, let's get this shit goin'.
Do I got your attention? All right, let's get this shit goin'.

Let's talk about his visual appearances first:

1) Straight Outta Bacta Tank

In our first look at the Sith Lord he is interrupted during what appears to be a football game - no, the guy is in a bacta tank because why walk around in a stiff suit all day?

Director Orson Krennic arrives on Mustafar after feeling served unjust - which, don't get me wrong, is perfectly fair. This man put in possibly decades of work developing the Death Star only for Grand Moff Tarkin to (beautifully CGI) be like "Yo, I'm taking credit for this shit."

Of course Darth Vader's response is intimidating - to us all - and then walks away but not before turning around to choke the ever living shit out of Orson for wasting his time. To be honest Orson got off easy. Darth Vader could of ended it there but to what avail? Instead Vader returns to his quarters while Orson gasp for air.

The significance of those actions show us that Darth Vader is not just a killing machine (I'm going to completely contradict that in the next section) but a man of authority by showcasing power whilst not abusing it. Instead of the fear of God - the fear of The Force.

2) Wrath of Vader

In the final moments of Rogue One we see darkness and then a red saber. Rebels fire only for their rounds to be deflected by that of a well trained Sith Lord. Merging forward on the men as they fight aimlessly to spare themselves of calamity it is already too late - they're in the presence of pure power.

One Rebel is flung to the ceiling and held by the Force as Vader approaches the door others try to escape from. Swinging the saber without a glace he slashes the rebel above him nearly in half.

For Vader it's a brisk walk in the park. It's easier for him to kill than it is for him to spare. He knows what works and the pawns he plays are manipulated through his vast potential of his power.

3) Terror Before our Eyes

Prior to physically seeing our favorite villain on camera there's a split second where we think and feel what one of the characters experiences - it sent a shiver down my spine when I heard it and then saw his reaction.

It happens on Jedha - when Bodhi Rook is on his knees before Saw Gerrera.

Now, I'm not one to make theories or anything like that. I do enjoy reading some of them and others just seem like satirical ramblings. So here's what I got.

His metal foot clings on the metal grid and then - HEAVY BREATHING. We know who and what it is but in a split second Bodhi reacts to Saw's respirator with a look of shock and fright as if having PTSD from an encounter with Lord Vader. Maybe Bodhi has never been in the same room as Vader but the Sith Lord does such a good job of holding his authority it must leave some kind of anxiety in those that do wrong by the Empire.

Watch it again closely - his reaction. The fear in his eyes which in that split second he may believe something far more worse is in front of him. Prior to his actual interaction with Saw he seems confident and playful but then we get this response from Rook. Where did that fear come from? It had to be some sort of reference to the terror Vader has over the Galaxy at this point.

Let me know what you think?


Do you think Bodhi was reacting to?

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