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Have you ever watched [Game of Thrones](series:201531) and thought "Damn this shit could have so many priceless spin offs?" (On the sophisticated spinoff styles of "Joey" post Friends level because that was some fre$h2death stuff (jk guyz mostly just death). I will pitch to you a couple of ideas I've been throwing around my nasty noodle:

1. Tilda Swinton or Brienne of Tarth?

For those who have dropped their jaws and said "Wow- she was so sick for five seconds in like every Wes Anderson movie ever" + "Wait- is that her being a brave and loyal G?", there comes a new game show where you gotta guess which white witch is which for the big buck-a-roos.

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There will be this super demanding bonus round where you will get an image like the one below and have to guess who it belongs to:

Why it gets cancelled:

Critics claim there is not enough diversity. Plus, viewers do not appreciate having to readjust the brightness of their television screens (which is understandable - that shit is annoying).

2. Livin it up with the Lannisters

Peeps will always be down with watching other peeps with more money than them do stupid shit. "They're just like me!" they'll say as they watch the beloved Lannister fammy fam play human centipede in the royal bed chamber. "Wow did you catch the Lannisters last night? Shit was so dope" "Cersei is like totes my spirit animal but her outfit was ratchet- you know Jamie just makes her wear that designer crap. Do not want".

Why it gets cancelled:

Critics claim no one is watching incest anymore. Plus, it's time to end the show so they can work on their separate projects like music careers/dating ballin' a$$ jousters.

3. Hodor

Hodor is a family man who just wants to pop a cold brewski on a plaid sofa and steal a little TV time. Whether its eating pizza around the kitchen table or shrimp fried rice in bed, Hodor knows how to balance leisure with the stress of being the head of the household. Great dialogue, witty humor, viewers almost always quoting/texting/tweeting/etc his famous catchphrase "HODOR!" which he drops when shit is off the chain.

Why it gets cancelled:

It doesn't. It hodors for another 9 seasons.

So what do you think? Which of these three comedy Game Thrones spin off series would you most want to see? Write in with your thoughts below the line

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