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I just discovered this site from a family member and so excited to contribute. I don't want to write long diatribes but do want to express when movies are good or bad and perhaps push the movie industry to always deliver more and more to the fans everywhere!

"Oops". Since I also just discovered the tag feature, I tagged Avengers 2 since that was the last movie I saw. I love Joss Whedon but he's getting a lot of heat. Avengers 2 doesn't have as much comic relief as 1 but I'm excited that one of my favorite mutants, Scarlet Witch, has joined the crew. They only scratch the surface of her powers and I'm impartial to Elizabeth Olsen in the role. Furthermore, people must know by now (spoiler alert) that Quicksilver died which is a shame because he's such a dynamic personality. I won't miss the terrible accents though! To wrap this up, I'm looking forward to the infinity gauntlet story and it won't come soon enough in my opinion.

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