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Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live

Inside Amy Schumer won this category in its inaugural year, and it could win again, but its buzz was a little iffier for Season 4. SNL had its usual mix of good and bad, but with a year’s worth of crazy politics making its good moments more high-profile than usual, it may just be the favorite. Or maybe Key & Peele could take it in a category in which a final season bump seems plausible. There are several intriguing newcomers, and I am going to go with one of the strangest: Documentary Now!, with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader playing a cast of kooky characters, i.e., catnip to voters. With its lineup of comedy legends, W/ Bob & David might also make it in, but it may have been a little too under the radar.

1. Documentary Now!
2. Inside Amy Schumer
3. Key & Peele
4. Portlandia
5. Saturday Night Live


Nathan For You
Nathan For You

Not every show in this category is strictly a “sketch” show. A lot of them just submitted here because nothing else fit. So the only traditional sketch show on my wish list is Key & Peele, which was relevant its entire run. Then I have the hybrid with the simplest but also most indescribable premise (Nathan For You); the “game show” with an anarchic sketch sensibility (Billy on the Street); the real/fake (i.e., artifice-exposing) talk show with sketches (Comedy Bang! Bang!); the parody anthology (Documentary Now!); and the frank roundtable sex discussion (Not Safe with Nikki Glaser).

1. Nathan For You
2. Billy on the Street
3. Comedy Bang! Bang!
4. Documentary Now!
5. Key & Peele
6. Not Safe with Nikki Glaser

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