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Attendance at Comic-Con nowadays requires the foresight to plan ahead, the fortitude to handle the crowds and the heat, and the means to travel to San Diego, which all together can be a bit of a tall order. Luckily, the Internet picks up the slack for those observing the festivities from afar. With all the social, video, and news reporting channels, those who stay home can potentially discover even more info than the physical attendees. Here are some of the reveals you may have missed, or maybe you didn’t miss them, but I’m sure you would be happy to see them again.

Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet Want FitzSimmons Babies

“Jemma Simmons has no chill,” as the meme goes among Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans when one half of Marvel series’ resident science couple cuts right to the chase. Here’s the truth: the lady who plays Simmons is just as direct, and her costars often egg her on, and we love her for it.

Blair Witch Dares to Pull Off the Impossible

You may have heard about a little horror movie coming out this September with a simple title but not-so-simple scares. Well, the news out of Comic-Con is that The Woods is now going by its official, somewhat less simple title of Blair Witch. It might seem inconceivable to make a legitimately scary sequel to one of the most seminal horror movies of all time, but the buzz is hot, and it is directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett (the team behind the inventive home invasion thriller You’re Next, my favorite movie of 2013). 2016 has already been a banner year for horror – can Blair Witch help it become the scariest of all time?

You’re Damn Right Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

If you can look at this totally swagged-out picture without salivating, then I just don’t know anymore.

The MST3K-Community Crossover We've All Been Waiting For

I contributed to the “Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000” Kickstarter, so I have been hearing most of the news about the revival before the general public, but Joel Hodgson decided to save a few big announcements for Comic-Con. These San Diego-set reveals have me excited, but also a little confused. The part about Netflix I can easily wrap my head around, but this bit about Community creator Dan Harmon and star Joel McHale writing for the show? The Kickstarter updates mentioned they would be appearing as guests, but the Comic-Con reports are making it sound like they will actually be full-time staff writers. Oh, Trumpy, you can do magic things!

Scott Aukerman Moderates the Orphan Black Panel

Panels tend to be moderated by reporters or Chris Hardwick, but leading the discussion of the BBC America clone saga was a fellow of a different ilk: Hot Saucerman of the Comedy Bing Bong show! Considering the extent of Tatiana Maslany’s acting duties, it is a little surprising that Flopperman didn’t just spend the whole time asking her how she balances work and family.

Clone Scottyman?
Clone Scottyman?

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