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One of the big items out of Comic-Con 2016 was the reveal that the horror film previously known as The Woods actually has a different official title: Blair Witch. Yes, that Blair Witch.

Is it possible to summon a satisfying sequel to one of the most iconic horror movies of all time? Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows would have us believe the answer is “no.” Of course, Blair Witch 2 didn’t know what it was doing. But even a sequel that has the right spirit will struggle to re-capture lightning in a bottle.

If anybody can pull it off, it is writer-director duo Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, the team behind the meta home invasion thriller You’re Next. Also encouraging: the buzz from people who have already seen it is high, and a newly released trailer does get the heart pumping.

Watch the preview below, and then check out my breakdown of the clip’s 5 most bewitching moments.

Beautiful Scenery

Major sticking points among those who reject found footage are the genre’s shaky cam and purposely cheap-looking cinematography. But now that high-quality cameras are readily commercially available, shots like these can be justified.

Ominous Foreshadowing

The Blair Witch cross symbol makes its debut in a foreboding tableau.


Getting stuck in tight spaces is always scary, no matter what the greater context of the whole movie.

Time Travel?

This shot of a shadowy figure in the corner harkens back to one of the most famous moments in The Blair Witch Project. Could there be some sort of freaky-deaky time-warping at play?

Shoddier Camerawork = Inescapable Horror

As the trailer reaches its climax, the footage becomes grainier and more disorienting, suggesting an all-consuming degradation of the whole situation.

What do you guys think? Will you be tracking down Blair Witch come September 16? Or are you working on your own unofficial fan-made sequel? Let me know in the comments!

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