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Let's start with the obvious to us fans of Hugh Jackman's portrial of Wolvie ( yeah Wolvie I've followed him for decades). He did a great job as the character and brought a whole new fan base to my favorite mutant hero. But with Jackman's retirement from the X films lets move forward. I say bring his clone X-23 into the spotlight. The word around is she takes the mantle in the new marvel universe.

While many may not want to see this it works. Many won't want to see someone new acting as the Wolverine. Let's see Laura get her shot. There are numberous females that could be a kickass Laura Kinney (X-23).

If you need to find out here origin go look it up and see. Anyone who's anyone will understand that's a movie we should see and it would be a kickass movie with Logan handing down the mantle to his clone. What do you think?

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