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The Upcoming Star Wars Live Action Series Will Run on Disney’s Streaming Service

Along with the blockbuster announcement that another trilogy of Star Wars movies is on the way, Disney has also announced that a live action television series is in the works. And the Mouse House is following the lead of CBS by using a major new franchise entry to flagship an upstart streaming service. That network did it with Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access and it has worked out well so far. Now Disney will target the long-awaited Star Wars live action series for an initial run on the streaming service it plans to get up and running in 2019. There are not many details about the series itself, but there have been talks of a live action entry since before George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney. Lucasfilm had previously been developing a series called Star Wars: Underworld that would have taken place between the events of Episode III and Episode IV, but nothing ever came of that (and while the animated series Star Wars: Rebels takes place during the same timeframe, it follows a different storyline). Whether Disney tries to revive Lucas’ previous plans remains to be seen and we still have quite a wait before the show starts streaming, but this week has definitely seen some big announcements for the Star Wars franchise.

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