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When Destiny came out in 2014, it was an instant hit. Made by the same company that made Halo, it had to be, right? Not only was it an instant success among gamers, it was with my friends and I as well. We played it constantly when it first came out and it didn't seem like we were stopping anytime soon. I loved leveling up, getting new weapons, and learning new abilities. Of course, right when you think that, you stop playing. The game was great. Great gameplay, controls, and fun multiplayer, but it became a little stale. The thing about Destiny is that it does have a lot of content, such as Crucible, Strikes, Raids, Bounty's, Patrols, Public Events, Sub-classes and a Campaign. Though, the campaign is pretty short and not really engaging. I don't even really remember what it was about. Even though the content was great, it had to come to an end. Which it did, and on to other games we were. Though, we did play off and on a few times since. Then, they came out with expansions. The expansions provided a little extra content, increased light levels and more story. So, we gave in a bought the expansions and was able to enjoy Destiny for a little longer. Finally, Rise of Iron came out and we all purchased the expansion and every weekend was Destiny weekend. Seeing as how we all had jobs during the week, we only played on the weekend.

We really enjoyed Destiny every time we came back to it. The phrase, "I forgot how good this game is," came out of our mouths every time we would quit and come back. Once Rise of Iron came out, we wondered when the next expansion would come out and what it would be about. Then, we heard about Destiny 2. We were already ready for the game to come out. It seemed to have taken forever. Finally, it released and we bought the ninety-dollar, main game and duo expansion pre-order. We waited for it download, and then it was ready for play. Destiny weekend was and is back on. Every weekend we sit down around 10pm and play until roughly 2am. Destiny 2 is great. The story was more engaging this time around, there is new content such as Milestones, Adventures, Fast Travel if you're on a planet, and the ability to not have to go back to Orbit every time you need to travel to another planet. I think that the not going back to Orbit part is my favorite.

Though, I love Destiny and the ability to play with my friends, I can't help but to wonder something that I wondered even before the game came out. Is this a new game or just an "expansion," to the first one. I put expansion in quotes because it's not actually an expansion, but sometimes it feels like it. A lot of the content is the same, such a Crucible, now down to eight players instead of 12, Strikes, Raids, Bounty's, Patrols, Public Events, Sub-classes and the Campaign. Though, the graphics are better, you don't get a vehicle right away, and your first social environment is a farm and not a tower, most everything about this game is the same as the first one. The gameplay, controls, and quests are still available. The classes, Warlock, Titan, and Hunter are still the only main classes, and you can even use the character from the last game as your main character. So, did it take Bungie two years to create the same game, and add just slightly more content to call it a sequel? I love Destiny 2, I do, but some days I play and it feels like I'm playing the first one. Luckily, I loved the first one so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I feel like with most sequels, if you just take what was good in the first and put it in the second, it feels redundant and boring. With a lot of video games, if a developer just makes the same game and sticks at "2" behind it, they get ridiculed. That goes for video games and even movies. Take "Airplane II," for example. The first one was hilarious and Leslie Neilsen was wonderful, so of course I was excited to see the second one, but then the whole movie was the same jokes from the first and it didn't really make me feel good about it. I sort of liked it, but I will always revert to the first one as the one that really pulls the punches and makes you laugh. Destiny 2, though isn't the same as "Airplane II," because I'm actually still playing it, and I haven't seen "Airplane II," since the first time I saw it, it does have mostly the same content in it. So it's only a matter of time before I stop playing until the expansion comes out. I will give Bungie credit though, it seems they are the only ones that can make essentially the same game then releasee and sell it to positive reviews.

I love Destiny 2 and I'm going to continue playing it for a little while longer. The game is fun and I really enjoy playing with my friends. I am hoping that the expansions really change up the game in some way. I just wish they would have added a little more content in the game to make it seem different than the first game or at least expand upon what made the first game great. Hopefully, the expansions provide an engaging continuation to the story and add some new weapons, or the ability to level up more. Maybe Destiny 3, on the next generation console will be a different ride for us all, and take us farther in the galaxy that we know and love so well. Maybe, it'll bring us a new race of aliens that we hate so much, or maybe it will give us a different adventure all together that we're all hoping and counting on.

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