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The popularity of is not going to die out anytime soon. The story of the boy wizard is still popular and will continue to be for years to come. Thanks to places like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios for creating a magnificent park that mirrors the world created by , fans of all ages and from different backgrounds are able to continue enjoying the series. Ever since the final book was released in 2007, fans still have been wanting more stories about Harry and his friends. Besides Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and , JK Rowling has no intention of releasing more stories, so why doesn't someone give us the stories we love in a more detailed version instead?

Harry Potter Would Work as a TV Series

is a great example of detailed books that have been properly told through a television series. It is a better fit for novels that are so eventful and full of characters. Films are so limited in their storytelling because of the time constraints. I enjoyed the Harry Potter films, but they are not even close to as good as the novels. With hour long episodes instead, they could include so much more of the storyline. If it has worked well for the monster-sized novels from Game of Thrones, then it could definitely work for Harry Potter.

A TV Series Wouldn't Be an Unnecessary Remake

We all know that Hollywood is obsessed with remaking everything. I'm sure they are already trying to figure out when to do this with the Harry Potter films. I do not want a remake of the films because it's not going to add anything new to what we already have seen. Films are too short for such an elaborate story.

A TV series has more to offer than a series of short films. It allows for more time and exploration of intricate storylines. I, for one, would love to see more about the Marauders Map creation, a better visual display for how hard Harry trained for the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire, and the flashbacks of Tom Riddle in Half-Blood Prince. Think of how much more could be told in 13 one-hour episodes per season compared to one 2 to 3 hour film. I think this would be perfect.

Would you Watch a Harry Potter TV Series?

Personally, I would really enjoy being given another way to experience the Harry Potter World. HBO would be the best place for a show for this to be created and aired. What do you think? Would you like Harry Potter to be visually told in a more elaborate format than film or do you think the story has been told the best it could be told?

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