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Despite the finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke being absolutely horrible, there is still hope for redemption. For me, seasons one and two, Murder House and Asylum, have been the best. Season three Coven and beyond have steadily been declining in value, with a lack of character development and unfinished storylines. What sort of have we not explored so far in prior seasons?

3. American Horror Story: Boogeyman

Yes, it's true that there have been creepy things occurring with beds in the series. I distinctly remember Addy grabbing Violet's leg from under her bed in season one because it startled me. I would have lost it if the Infantata came out, crawled up someone's leg, and bit them in the face, but it never happened. The beds in season 5, Hotel, had some weird shit going on within them, but not under them.

The fear of a under the bed starts in childhood and sometimes lurks into adulthood, if you've watched too many Dateline stories or horror movies. I could see this theme working out. I like the angle that came up with back when they released the made-for-tv movie, Don't Look Under the Bed (1999).

What I liked about this is that the high school student who skipped a grade seemed like a total whack-job to outsiders, when in reality, the monster under the bed was truly there and ruining lives, not her. Also, the monster was actually scary and it grabbed a kid by the ankles under the bed and into a different world.

2. American Horror Story: Changeling

I remember watching the Spanish horror film The Orphanage (2007) back when it was on around 2008. The setting was more chilling than anything. I especially was uneasy when the boy with the bag mask on appeared in the middle of the hall and wouldn't speak. The ghosts of these children being vindictive like the murdered ghost boy from The Changeling (1980) and lurking around dressed like this kid with the mask would be .

Granted, the boy in that film had the right to be as pissed as he was, since he was murdered by his father in a bathtub because he had polio. His father covered up the murder by adopting a new son, who inherited the fortune that was meant for This sort of haunting is not like what we have experienced in prior seasons. Children who want to murder and are not supernatural vampire children are .

Here is a scene from The Changeling, so you can get a taste for the type of horror I have in mind:

1. American Horror Story: The Slasher Villain

I'm a fan of horror films like Halloween (1978), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), and Friday the 13th (1980) because I like the slasher villains. They're corny, but they can be scary. Slashers, however, always leave a lasting impression. Even if someone has never watched one of these films, they most likely still know of Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and Jason. They're the icons of horror.

If could think of a new slasher villain, it would be a lot of fun. I'd give him a little bit of a Twisty the Clown/Freddy Krueger/Michael Myers vibe. I get a real kick out of the stumbling runs from the victims freaking out as they're trying to escape the villain and the effortless way a slasher villain is able to catch up to them. Now, Twisty and Freddy were fast runners. Freddy has the advantage with invading dreams because he could teleport himself if he was falling behind in the sprint. Michael Myers was definitely no runner, he moved at a glacial pace, but was still successful in murdering so many due to instilling fear and not giving up on his pursuit.

Twisty was a popular character, but was short-lived. It would have been better if he lasted throughout more of Freakshow. Also, he falls under the Clown horror category, not Slasher.

What horror themes would you like AHS to visit?

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