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American Horror Story has been on a bit of a downward spiral since the end of Season 3: Coven. I am a fan of character development and strong storylines, which went amiss during Seasons 4-6. However, the new has been released and the old American Horror Story excitement has returned! On September 5, get ready for the release of American Horror Story: Cult! The title was just released at Comic-Con!

So What Exactly is It About?

Ok, we still don't know much of anything about Season 7. Ryan Murphy originally said it would have a connection with our most recent presidential election. We know that a lot of extremists are part of deranged cults, whether it be racial or crazy religious based. There has also been a lot of references to clowns in the teasers, including a comic featuring the . This may mean more than one thing, the cult is made up of literal clowns or clowns is being used as a metaphor for extremists who are part of a cult. Either way, expect to be ready for some terrifying .

Cult Connection Throughout the Seasons

American Horror Story has showcased plenty of cults throughout the seasons. In Murder House, Tate references 'Helter Skelter,' which was a term used by Charles Manson and a Beatles song. Manson believed it symbolized an apocalyptic racial war that was going to come and was preparing his cult for its arrival. His insane misunderstanding of the song led to the vicious murder of Sharon Tate, friends in her home, and the LaBianca family. The home invasion scene in Murder House is similar to how Manson's cult invaded Tate's home and the LaBianca's.

Coven too has cultish references with the Coven itself. All of the witches living in the home and then the burning of the witches on the stake represents a cult.

Cults are also referenced in Hotel during the 'Devil's Night' episode where all the serial killers gather. Manson is mentioned again in this episode and season because he won't be joining them for the 'Devil's Night' celebration again.

My least favorite season, Season 6: Roanoke, has a lot of cultish references, particularly with hillbillies and pigs. Pigs was another big thing for Manson and his followers. The word 'Pig' and 'Death to Pigs' was written in the blood of victims at both the Tate and LaBianca murder scenes. The murderous nurses in Roanoke wrote their victims' names in blood on the walls.

Could This Season Be About Manson?

I think it is more likely that the cult theme will be based off a cult similar to what Manson created, but it will not directly be about Manson. The strangest thing about Charles Manson to me is that he himself did not participate in the murders, he brainwashed his cult into doing the killings on their own. I find that to be absolutely terrifying. A season focusing on the madness behind cults sounds interesting to me.

Having Charles Manson as the main theme seems more like an deal, similar to The People V. OJ. Charles Manson is still alive and in prison. He has never been granted parole and should never be allowed out of prison. He is incredibly manipulative and charismatic. Parole was luckily denied for most, if not all, who were involved in the Tate and LaBianca murders. After the horrors of what they did and how they left the murder scenes, none of them deserved to be released.

Will you be tuning in to American Horror Story: Cult September 5th on FX?

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