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I love living in a big city. Chicago isn't too massive and it's easy to travel around it by walking and using public transportation. One of my favorite things about Chicago is it's references to pop-culture. We have Ferris Bueller events, they point out filming locations from Batman on the architectural tours, and there are restaurants that reference SNL skits, The Billy Goat Tavern. Now, the city has been featuring pop-ups dedicated to different shows that have a high cult following.

Saved by the Max

I think the pop-up craze all began with the Saved by the Bell (1989) pop-up, known as "Saved by the Max." It was a restaurant themed after the restaurant in Saved by the Bell that the gang used to frequent. I'm not a fan of the 90s show, but a lot of people still are and it had a good run here in Chicago, it's now headed to LA for more fan enjoyment.

Luke's Diner

Luke's Diner from also was a pop-up in Chicago. There were two locations and they were used to promote Netflix's reboot of the series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016). Both cafes were transformed to look like Luke's Diner and they offered free coffee from 7 am until noon. Coffee was such a huge thing in Gilmore Girls. Rory and Lorelai drank it like it was water and Luke always scolded them for drinking it so much. Chicago wasn't the only city to feature this pop-up. They were all over the US. I think that's such a fun way to promote a show.

Stranger Things

has been hitting it out of the park with new shows. , , and , to name a few, have all been well-received. My personal favorite of the original shows has been . I was hooked since the 80s opening credits have played. They remind me of an amazing arcade game mixed with a Stephen King vibe and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). I was determined to make it to this event.

This past Saturday, I went to the pop-up. It's mirrored after the Upside Down of Stranger Things. It was small and packed, but so fun to see. It was hard to take pictures due to it's popularity, but below is the best two I was able to get:

Ceiling of the Upside Down.
Ceiling of the Upside Down.
Christmas light wall used to communicate with Will.
Christmas light wall used to communicate with Will.

They offered a bunch of different drinks and had a chalk board with a cool drawing of Eleven. The drink that I tried was called Eleven's Eggos. It was a frozen cocktail, which came with a small triangle of Eggo waffle. It was tasty and pretty because it had a nice pink color to it. It had bourbon, lemon, orange, cranberry, and some maple syrup. Cocktails went for $10. They also featured craft beers.

They also had the show playing on a big projection screen, but they had loud music playing most of the time. Generally good music, if you're a fan of classic rock. I wouldn't mind checking it out again. For those of you who are in the city and want to check it out, it is located at 2367 N. Milwaukee next to the Emporium Arcade Bar. It will last until the last week of September. The second season of Stranger Things will be released on October 27th on Netflix.

Have you checked out any pop-ups? If so, what has been your favorite?

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