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I don't really know how, probably a quick word to mouth between the right people, but several days after the end of the Jam, my game was played by a YouTuber called PewDiePie.

As you can imagine, if you know who he is, this had a snowball effect! A lot of other YouTubers from all around the world made a video of the game. Today, it exceeded the 20 million cumulative views on YouTube! It's insane!

Of course it also impacted the number of 'plays' (+3 million) of the game on several websites.

I decided to do a quick android version for testing the HTML 5 exporters. I insist, just for testing. I was so sure nobody would find it on the Google Play I didn't even make a special icon for the game. Today, it exceeded the million of installations... without any In App ads! (What a fantastic businessman I am.)

And overall, the feedback has been amazing! People seem to love these sort of comedy adventure games. They want more. THEY WANT MORE!

Ok then, let's make more!

For more than two years I was working on a Metroidvania game called CoinOp Story. But because of the success of There is no game, I strategically decided to put in sleep the development of that game and focus my energy on a new comedy point & click that could reach MUCH more people.

And it's name will be : There is no game : Wrong Dimension.

There is no game : Wrong dimension
There is no game : Wrong dimension

But It will not be a simple sequel. I want to do a reboot, keep the concept, the voice, some of the elements like the squirrel, the glitches...etc, and add an interesting storyline that will make us travel through several funny videogame dimensions. The relationship between the voice and the player will, of course, change and we will learn more about this program state of mind.

I was working alone on that new project for several months and I was still using the same HTML 5 game engine (Construct2). But I had, and still have, concerns about the third party exporters (it means, converting the HTML 5 game into a PC, mac, linux executable, or on mobile). I was expecting so much issues that I preferred to find someone, a real coder, to port the game on the Unity engine. And I've found one! A very good friend of mine.

So now we're two people in the development!

I'm full time working on this new game without income, and I will have more costs for the voice recordings, translations...etc. So I decided to try the Kickstarter way. After all, what could be wrong? So many people know about the first game...

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