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When you will read this, the Kickstarter will be over. And sadly, it's been a huge failure.

Click here to check the Kickstarter page of "There is no game : Wrong Dimension"

The video campaign:

I wanted to do a "non-Kickstarter," using the same tone of the game, with the same annoying voice saying there is no Kickstarter. And of course a funny description of the game.

It's like a sample of what will be the game experience without showing it! All my communication is based on this concept of reverse psychology I was talking about. I've also made a twitter account for the program itself! (@thereisnogame)

I don't know if it was a good idea to say to people "not to do" something. But it's so logical with the game...

Anyway, during the campaign, I've contacted more than 40 famous YouTubers who played the first game and got "negative answers" or "no answer" at all. A very few retweeted the Kickstarter link (thanks guys!) but I confess I was expecting some more. It was a flop.

On top of that, some friends of mine helped me to contact more than 150 video game websites to share the info. We got only three or four articles about the campaign on small indie medias. It was a Super Ultra Flop.

On top of top of that, at the end of the Kickstarter, my '"funny lol viral" video didn't even reach... 6,000 views! Even a pooping cat video does way better. It was a Super Ultra Mega Flop Championship III. (Read it aloud with some reverb effect)

I knew it would be difficult to get the money and I was okay with failing. At least I tried. But I'm very disappointed (and it's not a deception) about the lack of success of that video. I was hoping it would be shared a lot more because of its fun and unique angle for a crowdfunding trailer.

Maybe the "joke tone" was wrong and completely missed the target. I don't know. But If I had to do it all over again, I would do the same. I'm really wondering if the problem is my game or if people (and media) just don't care anymore about crowdfunding campaign. After looking back to the 6,000 views, I prefer to think this is related to the overall big issue of our industry: more games = less visibility.

What next?

Well okay. We failed.

We're on our knees, bleeding, hardly breathing. This is the moment of the 'hero's death' in the middle of the second act. The end of a path and the beginning of another one. It's now up to us to put the hero back on his feet, stronger and more determined than ever.

We don't have the money.

We don't have the visibility.

But we still have something.

Something from our childhood.

Something swirling in our heart.

Something called... PASSION.


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