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So far it’s been a bumpy ride for Warner Bros. with DCEU. Unfortunately, the studio hasn’t managed to release a DC movie that could appeal to the masses (critics as well as audience).

The above sentence is enough to get fans riled up at me. I can picture the users on Reddit and other forums state rebuttal by talking about the visual aesthetics of , and how it was a movie that was produced for a unique set of audience.

Surprisingly, the same fans could partially be responsible for DCEU’s onslaught on the internet. Especially slated for a 2018 release.

It’s high time we stopped going after Ben Affleck! The man is just trying to finish his press junket with . While it isn’t the interviewers fault for questioning about ‘The Batman’ before concluding his interview, it’s definitely the fans stupidity to be concerned by clickbait headlines and opinionated paragraphs in a news article

The messy discussion started again when Batman On Film revealed that his source said ‘The Batman’ has been “pushed back”. Alright, so the next question that pops up on every fans mind would be “when can we expect Ben Affleck to begin production?”. BOF was told by his source that it would begin in “A couple of months”.

It wasn’t reported that the movie has been cancelled or that has dropped his title as director for the standalone movie. However, BOF did “speculate” that “Maybe Ben doesn’t want to direct it” or “worst case scenario- perhaps Affleck knows that JUSTICE LEAGUE is going to suck (I’m hearing it’s a mess — I hope it’s not!) and is ready to bail on the DCEU before he gets GIGLY’ed (again) by it.

“A mess”? It wasn’t about ‘The Batman’ anymore. Now, fans turn towards a movie that is under post-production. A film that’s 10 months away from its release and could possibly do its re shoots if it really finds it to be a “mess”.

After reading these sensitive reports, Users send out hate tweets, blaming Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. and any person that has a higher role in DCEU. Why? Because you read “a” report conveying message from its source that was a “mess”. I’m guessing the source came to that conclusion after watching a few minutes of the movie. It’s like judging a book by its cover! Or perhaps the source just hates it personally, he may not be a movie critic ladies and gentlemen.

Fans must note that BOF just provided his opinion along with his report- the website speculated that it could be a possibility. I’d say that BOF’s source isn’t quite “in” on the discussion that’s going on between Ben Affleck and Warner Bros. exec. In a way, it’s for the best!

Since fans read BOF’s report, insiders/journalists have been badgered with fan tweets to give their opinion on the news. Fortunately, The Wrap Reporter Umberto Gonzalez was quick to go live on Periscope and calm down his follower with a sensible response.

It’s likely that the movie has been “pushed back”. It’s no-brainer information that could have been anticipated by any DC fan. Umberto Gonzalez also addressed the “delay” in ‘The Batman’ and ‘Justice League’ being termed as “mess” in his Periscope live stream. I highly suggest people watch it.

The last official response from Ben Affleck revealed,

It was an assuring answer that the Oscar winner is still on the project as director and writer.

Every concerning DCEU report on the internet is currently speculations and opinions provided by journalists based on the official report. Fans also need to stop going by opinions provided by Youtubers.

YouTubers aren’t reporters working on stories with deadlines. If you really need a reason I’d suggest watching Film Gob’s recent video below.

It shows various anchors on Youtube podcast talking about DCEU and ‘The Batman.’ To some extent, its quite hilarious and annoying.

The one that caught my attention was Anchors on Screen Junkies News discussing ‘The Batman’ as they speculate and provide obscure opinion in the video. The anchors share their point of view that Ben Affleck might not even star in the movie.

The news has gone far off from “working on the script” to Ben Affleck exiting as the DC superhero? For God sake, hasn’t anyone thought about a word called “contract” with Warner Bros.?

Even DC’s Kevin Smith has at times gone overboard with his speculations and opinions on “Fatman on Batman” podcast. The comic book writer has made controversial statements like “I think is in this! [Justice League]”

If DCEU is really having trouble with ‘The Batman’, You’d hear it from news agencies such as THR and The Wrap. Journalists and Reporters from those news websites care more about accuracy rather than immediacy.

Of course, they have been wrong at times as well. but they are our hope at reading sensible DCEU news.


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