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As per usual when it comes to contests on Moviepilot, we had some pretty darn (don't say 'awesome', don't say 'awesome') ... SWISH entries to our fan-cast challenge. If you need a refresher, we asked our creators to share a live-action fan-cast for their favorite comic!

The winning article will be turned into a kick-ass video and shared on our social pages. And just to top it off, the winner will also receive a mint copy of Marvel's Civil War comic.

Oh, I guess you'd like to know who that person is, then

Luis Rodriguez: The Killing Joke

Luis shared a spot-on fan cast for this insane story and we think it'd make an awesome shareable video! So that's just what we're going to do!

Special Mention to Evan Lee for his amazing Kingdom Come casting, and to William Cloud for his Superman: Red Son epic line-up. I'd definitely watch both of those movies... twice!

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