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Welcome to ! If you've been thinking of starting a blog and are looking for the perfect platform to kick-start your writing journey - is here to help. Creators is a community for passionate fans to let their passion loose upon the world. It's very simple to create a blog with us - you don't need to build your own website, or try to find an audience to read your blog. When you become a Creator, you have all the tools at your disposal to produce great content for a built in audience of real fans, just like you.

You probably already know how to blog if you have a keen interest in writing, but it can be overwhelming when looking for the right place to begin. Creators offers simple writing tools, and a slick profile that's easy to customise with your choice of cover image, avatar and a personal bio to add individual character to your creative space. We also have a dedicated support team ready to help you get started or answer any questions you might have about creating a blog that will attract readers around the world. So let's get you started on the path to greatness with your step by step guide to start a free blog on

Become a Creator

The first step is also the most simple - join us as a Creator today for free and get connected to fans across the globe who share your passion.

Join Creators Chat

This is the place to ask questions to the team, share your articles and get to know the amazing .

After you log in to your Creators account, you can access the chat either directly from your dashboard or visit You can also download the sleek desktop app for Mac! Better yet, you can take the conversation anywhere you go by downloading the Android or iOS apps. You can also enable push notifications, so you never miss a beat!

Making use of Creators Chat is the perfect entry point when you're wondering how to start a successful blog. With support and feedback from the team and your fellow Creators, you'll always have help to improve your craft.

Create a Blog Post

Now that you're officially a Creator, it's about time to start blogging! Your Creators dashboard gives you access to all the tools you need in one handy place - your drafts, Creators profile, account settings, creators chat, and of course, the 'create' tool itself, which we call the Canvas. You can write and publish your article as soon as you join - there's no waiting process or moderation involved. Your article will be displayed on your profile and in the latest feed, and if it's relevant and unique content, we'll also promote it to a huge audience on our social channels.

Join Creators Academy

is a free online writing course aimed to help bloggers improve their craft. The program is comprised of 10 lessons, each with a different focus to develop your skills and understand how to tackle the challenges of blogging for an online audience. We cover topics such as search engine optimisation, visual storytelling, the art of writing the perfect headline, editorials, brainstorming topics and more. The course is completely free and self-paced, and once you complete it you can apply to become a Verified Creator and get paid a revenue share for your articles!

Start Using Hashtags

are a very simple but important way to get eyes on your blog. You work hard to produce great articles, so making use of these simple tools to increase your visibility is a no brainer! You can add one main hashtag which should be the category you want your post to be listed under, and as many hashtags inline as you like! Obviously make sure they're relevant to the content though, or this will have a negative effect on your google search ranking (i.e. how easy it is to find your article via google search).

Get Inspired

We often get asked how to create a blog that resonates with an audience. The honest answer is that you need to work hard to develop a unique voice, and be willing to absorb other influential writers and blogs that inspire you. Learning from the best and recognising how they affect you with their writing will give you a solid understanding of what you need to improve on as you build your blog. It might take you a while to find a niche in your writing style or topic selection, but that's all part of the journey. If you truly have a passion for blogging, you'll find it a rewarding one.

Share your blog

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make from the beginning is to avoid sharing their articles within their social network. It's surprising how often this simple action can lead to viral content - be it from friends and family, relevant social groups you're part of or directly from the source (such as when a blogger shares their article with a celebrity or director, writer, social influencer etc). We've seen this instant success happen countless times here at Creators, and all it takes is a simple click of the share button to the right audience!

So there you have it! There's no reason to make starting a blog an overwhelming process - when you have the right tools and a great attitude to learning and constantly improving your skills, you'll find success isn't so far away. That's why we built Creators Academy after all, to help bloggers like you reach their full potential and find a place in the world of online writing.

If you have any questions about online blogging and the free tools and courses we offer - reach out to us on Creators Chat or comment below!

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