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1. Amestris

If you love anime, and Fullmetal Alchemist, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The state-military HQ is pretty big, so I'd be in Central first to take a look at that. Up north is Fort Briggs, and even though it would be freezing up there, I'd still want to see it. Then there's Rush Valley, where all the automail is at. I would probably even check out Ishbal, because the history behind the Ishvalan war is really intriguing. I would go down south to Dublith, and have a drink at the Devil's Nest. It would so interesting to meet all the homunculi. I would definitely want to meet Roy Mustang too, because he's just awesome.

2. The Island that the "Lost" Series takes Place

I'd really only want to visit to meet the characters, because crash landing on a sandy island and living in fear of a giant smoke monster must have really sucked. Plus those polar bear encounters would be cool, but I would have crapped my pants and then gotten eaten. But besides that, it would be epic to see the Black Rock and the Hatch though. I'd want to see all the Dharma stations. I'd want to meet all the characters of Lost. Especially Jack, Hugo, and Sawyer.

3. Equestria

I love the colorful setting this world has, and the philosophies that rule it. I'd probably want to see Ponyville, where Twilight Sparkle lives. Along with that, I'd want to go have a look at Apple Jack's family's apple farm. I'd want to venture deep in the forest and find that radical zebra Zecora, and visit Rainbow Dash's home town, Cloudsdale and check out the Rainbow Factory. Then I would go to Canterlot and visit Princess Celestia's palace and go to the Grand Galloping Gala. Finally, before I left I would crawl into the Cutie Mark Crusader's club house.

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