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I love marvel comics

Have you ever wondered if the movie companies actually take into account the fans take's on their comic book characters? I'm only going to talk about one character for the time being. The new x-men movies are starting and I'm sure most of you have read alot alot the casting. But I'm not getting into those, except indirectly. I want to talk about the poor choice someone made in casting Channing Tatum as Gambit. Seriously? I've neve lined Channing. In my personal opinion, he has noooooo acting ability whatsoever. Watch his movies. Same expression throughout. However, I digress. Taylor Kitsch was fantastic as Gambit in The Wolverine. And instead of doing for Gambit what they're doing for Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) they go with a mannequin instead. I love all marvel movies. They've done an excellent job so far (when marvel had creative control) but I , for one, will Not be going to see the Gambit movie. Much too painful to think about. Alas.

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