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Arsenal is a former sidekick of the arrow his real name is Roy Harper played by the talented Colton Haynes. Admittedly Roy Harper is one of my favorite comic book hero and one of the core reasons I started to watch arrow.

Is it wrong to like Colton Haynes delivery of the line " Of course you would take his side your screwing him?" The believability in that dramatic line moves from the screen to the audience and you feel the frustration and anger in that moment What was great about season 2 of arrow was not just the fact of having an amazing villain it was also the fact that Roy had Mira kuru in his system which made him even more of a hot head and caused inner conflict off the group that added another dimension to the story.

But what about the fact of everyone in the world especially star city building that Roy was the arrow well any writer worth his title can write around that if they can't I got a plethora of answers.

you feel the compassion between him and Oliver which is amplified by the fact that he wasn't training anyone else. I believe the core group should consist of Oliver Roy Diggle and felicity everyone else should be passing through or temporary team ups. The fight scenes are undoubtly better in the earlier seasons with less people to manage and the number of enemies that Oliver faced on his own is still roughly the same he faces with his team. The season 5 invasion crossover fights were well choregraphed but I believe this is more to do with the fact that more preparation goes into a crossover of this magnitudes.

The relationship between Thea and Roy was amazing if Roy came back and either him or Thea if they wanted to get back together it would be interesting as a viewer to see Roy living the vigilante life again or vice versa. Both characters have changed in many ways it would bring an interesting new relationship dynamic to the show.

Another reason it would be a bullseye move is Roy has been traveling the world imagine all the new experiences he has had the new knowledge and skills he has undouble obtained in his time on the road.

How Roy was introduced was great with him stealing Thea’s purse and then the hood saving his life and his journey from essentially an errand boy to the sidekick of the green arrow Roy changed greatly from the time he was a thief in his "less sociably responsible days." to Mira kuru inner rage he must battle to helping laurel and Diggle protect the city when Oliver was away dealing with the league of assassins.

He has made two great sacrifices such as breaking up with Thea recommended by Oliver and trusted his judgement. The other time is when he convinces everyone "almost everyone" that he is the arrow and fakes his own death so he must live a life on the run and he didn't want Thea to have to go through with a life on the run for his sake.

In season 1 episode 17 he says some funny sarcastic comments about getting a real job. It was exciting to see him go from want to be vigilante with a hot temper to a more disciplined arrow wielding hero that we love.

Roy has faced off against slide Wilson, bronze tiger, cupid, brick, and Mira kuru soldiers.

Team arrow doesn't do any solo objectives or missions anymore they do every little task as a team. Season 4 episode 12 he suites up again and visits Thea while she is fighting her bloodlust.

Roy becoming arsenal and a sidekick was built in episodes chronicling his journey. Being saved by the hood and then mentored and being taught to control his rage there were heartfelt moments through out. I'm not anti-team arrow but downsizing the team would give them more time to develop the characters and allow for a closer look at each individual and give each character an interesting sub plot.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about Colton returning as arsenal.

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