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Carrie Fisher will forever go down as one of the greatest female heroines in movie history. Truth be told, it was a devastating blow to have heard that Fisher had passed away at the young age of 60. Fisher is of course most famous for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. She had also played in other riles in films such as Shampoo, The Blues Brothers, and When Harry Met Sally. Not just a movie star, Fisher also became a talented writer assisting with various movie scripts as well as publishing her own novels such as Postcards from the Edge, Surrender the Pink, and Delusions of Grandma.

Though Fisher has played in many films, the fan community will always remember her as everyone’s favorite movie princess. What made her stand out among other movie princesses was that she was never afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, she was never truly a damsel in distress. Sure Luke, Han, and Chewie had to save her from being held captive in the Death Star, but Leia was able to hold her own in battle.

That being said, there were plenty of scenes from the films from the films that proved Leia was tough as nails. Despite the fact she had help, Leia was never afraid to take matters into her own hands. There were plenty of scenes in the Star Wars franchise that backs up this claim. Here are five moments that proved Leia was much more than just an ordinary princess.

1. She Knows How To Handle A Blaster: ‘A New Hope’

One aspect that sets Leia apart from other heroines is that she isn’t apprehensive to handling a weapon. In the scene where Luke, Han, and Chewie come to save her, Leia borrows Luke’s blaster and fires a hole into what eventually leads to a trash compactor. Also, as the gang is attempting to escape the Death Star, we see Leia fire back at many Stormtroopers with precise aim. Leia has handled a blaster multiple times throughout the series but showed us her toughness and charisma while getting her and others out of sticky situations.

2. She Isn’t Afraid To Face Darth Vader: ‘A New Hope’

It wasn’t as if she had much of a choice, but Princess Leia faced one of the most menacing villains in Star Wars history. In the opening scene of A New Hope, Leia and the rest of the Rebels aboard the Tantive IV are captured and are antagonized by Darth Vader to retrieve crucial information involving the location of the Death Star plans. Since sheds light on how the plans eventually got there, it makes sense why Vader was furious once he boarded the ship. Once Leia is found, she tells Vader that she is part of a diplomatic mission to Alderaan. This was precisely the same thing that Captain Antilles had mentioned to Vader as he was being choked to death.

Leia’s tone of voice proves her perseverance to the audience. We get a sense of leadership from this individual and isn’t afraid to deceive her enemies. She’s strong in her pursuits, knowing all too well that those plans have to get to the right place even if it means creating a diversion and risking her own life in the process.

3. She Dresses Up As A Bounty Hunter To Save Han: ‘Return of the Jedi’

“I love you.” Those were the final words Leia spoke to Han shortly after he was encased in carbonite. A whole entire year of planning was what it took to saving Han from the clutches of Tatooine’s biggest gangster; Jabba the Hutt. Leia’s plan was to go right into the belly of the beast of Jabba’s Palace and try to strike up a deal with Jabba. How did she manage to get in? Well, she dressed up as a bounty hunter named Boussh and brought Chewbacca in for a reward.

Although she ends up getting captured and enslaved, it was the plan that truly mattered. She knew that there were far more important missions at hand, such as taking out the remaining Galactic Empire’s forces. However, Han meant so much more to her as the two of them had been through so much together. Lando, Chewie, and Luke also came along for the ride and heavily assisted her in this mission. Han already established himself a hero when he saved Luke from being shot down by Vader and also saved Leia and the crew when escaping the Battle of Hoth. Leia again put her life on the line knowing how dangerous this gangster was and succeeded in doing so.

4. She Goes After A Scout Trooper On A Speeder Bike: ‘Return of the Jedi’

Who’s the first person who makes a move shortly after the Rebel crew takes out a couple of Scout Troopers? That’s right it was Princess Leia. After she notices two more Scout Troopers hopping on Speeder Bikes to warn the other Imperials, she gets on a bike herself and goes right after them. Luke is even stunned exclaiming “Wait Leia!” and quickly follows suit. Leia chases after them shooting one down, enabling Luke to take care of the other.

This was a gutsy move on Leia’s part, especially since it’s very difficult to control those bikes while avoiding all of those trees on Endor. The Force certainly protected them both as they were able to take out every one of those Scout Troopers before they got back to their base.

5. She Gets Right Back Up After Getting Shot By A Stormtrooper: ‘Return of the Jedi’

It’s been a long running joke to Star Wars fans that Stormtroopers have very bad aim. Rogue One attempted to answer this flaw, as it appeared that the Force had a lot to do with this. Unfortunately, Leia gets the brunt end of a blaster as she’s shot in the shoulder while helping Han get the shield generator door open. But what does she do shortly thereafter? She tells Han that “It’s not bad” and continues to fight. No tears, no fear, no problem. Leia demonstrates her resilience to fighting, even as she becomes injured during the mission.

We Will Miss You Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher’s legacy will live on. We will miss you dearly.

To conclude, here are some of the Tweets posted by her Star Wars family:

Carrie, May the Force be with you. Always.

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