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Mild Spoilers ahead for Thor: Ragnarok

As most critics and fans will tell you, Thor: Ragnarok is pure fun. It’s funny, charming, and overall exciting. The film brings together two powerhouses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; The Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Both actors give it their all in this superhero buddy team-up action/comedy. It’s a delightful film that will have fans leaving the theater with a big smile on their face.

One of the biggest highlights of the entire film is Ruffalo’s . We’ve seen in the trailers and marketing campaign that Hulk has been marooned on a planet for quite some time and is basically made a king. The film gives a surprising amount of depth to this character, more so than we’ve ever seen before.

Hulk Was An Enforcer For The Avengers

Credit: Cinemablend
Credit: Cinemablend

In hockey terminology, the is basically the enforcer on the team. He’s the guy you call in when your star players are on the ice and need protection. Hulk isn’t the smartest of the bunch and has been mostly used to destroy waves of oncoming enemies or to help take out the biggest threat.

In the three films he has been featured in, he’s battled the United States military and Emil Blonsky’s Abomination in The Incredible Hulk, the Chitauri invasion at the Battle of New York in The Avengers, and even took on HYDRA and Ultron’s robot minions in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Oh and he also saved Tony Stark’s life after plummeting out of a wormhole in .

I think its safe to say that the Hulk and Bruce Banner have made their staple in the . The Hulk has been a key part to this team even if he sometimes loses control. Though Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner has a good amount of depth, his big green counterpart however does not. Until now.

Hulk Is Made King On The Planet Sakaar

Credit: Bleeding Cool
Credit: Bleeding Cool

The God of Thunder is certainly the main character of this movie. It is his movie after all, but the Hulk gets a surprising amount of character depth in this film. We don’t see Hulk until about thirty minutes into this movie but when he arrives, it’s well worth the wait. But what has Hulk been up to since the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Thankfully, this movie addresses those questions.

After taking off in the Quinjet, Hulk somehow managed to land his craft on an alien planet called Sakaar. The planet is run by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) who finds him and makes Hulk their new Champion. He’s forced to fighting competitors in a gigantic coliseum and thus gains much stardom. After many contenders have tried and failed to defeat the Hulk, he gets his own living quarters complete with a large bed, all you can eat food, and a personal hot tub.

It’s no wonder Hulk doesn’t want to leave this planet. He’s considered dangerous on Earth and humans have been after him ever since he’s been recognized. At this point, Hulk has been himself for two years now while Bruce Banner is completely absent. Banner is Hulk as the big green monster has fully taken over his body. Though they don’t explain it in this film, the movie shows audiences that Hulk has learned to talk over the course of two years perhaps learning from the people of Sakaar.

Thor: Ragnarok shows that the people worship him even in the streets throwing parades, cosplaying, and even building life-sized statues. Hulk is constantly adored as pieces from the Planet Hulk storyline are sprinkled throughout this movie. The director Taika Waititi drew plenty of inspiration from the comic book story arc for the Hulk and did a fantastic job displaying this on the big screen. Hulk is given his due diligence in this movie and fans of the Incredible Hulk will be pleased.

Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk Is A Child In An Adult Body


Speaking with Cinemablend, Mark Ruffalo wanted to shed some light on the development of his Hulk character in Thor: Ragnarok. This was what he had to say:

“Hulk speaking is the start to separating of these two individuals, these identities in this split-identity person, and where that’s going to end up going. So it was really interesting to me. He’s like a baby! He’s like a five year old or six year old. So he has the same syntax, he has the same world view, and so it was fun.”

Ruffalo’s comments are in line with how his character acts throughout the entirety of the movie. Hulk is basically a child in an adult body but that’s the humorous part about his character arc. He’s mostly spoiled having been isolated on this planet, but that’s just what the doctor ordered for the Incredible Hulk.

Kevin Feige Confirms Hulk Storyline Through 'Avengers 4'


Also speaking with Cinemablend, Ruffalo commented on his discussion with Marvel’s head honcho Kevin Feige. Both Feige and Ruffalo addressed Hulk’s character for the future films with Ruffalo declaring:

“So basically, Kevin [Feige] pulled me aside before this, and said, ‘If you were gonna do a… if we were going to do a standalone Hulk movie, what would it be?’ And I said, ‘I think it should be this, this, this, and this and this, and ends up like this.’ And he’s like, ‘I love that. Why don’t we do that in the next three movies, starting with Thor 3 and then we go into Avengers 3 and 4.’ And I was like, ‘That sounds great!’ And so we are at the beginning of this arc.”

Saying that “we are at the beginning of this arc” says a lot regarding the future development of Hulk. As I said earlier, Hulk was more of the work horse for the team. Now, it appears that Feige and company have more stories to tell for this character even if it involves his story being incorporated in a non-standalone Hulk movie.

Since Universal officially owns the advertising rights to the Hulk, it makes a standalone movie more difficult for Marvel to create. So why not just create his story arc around other characters? That’s exactly what marvel intends to do and if Thor: Ragnarok is one way to do it, then Hulk fans are in for a real treat for future movies.

After seeing Thor: Ragnarok, do you agree with how Marvel is handling the ‘strongest’ Avenger? I’d love to hear what you all have to say in the comment section below! Thor: Ragnarok is now playing in theaters everywhere!


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