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If like myself, you are attending SDCC 2014 via social media, you can now watch the [Penny Dreadful](series:817319) panel that occurred on Thursday! Showrunner John Logan, and stars Josh Hartnett, Reeve Carney and Harry Treadaway had tons of great info to share about the show. These are just a few of my favorite bits.

Hartnett address the question of Mr. Chandlers's fluid sexuality saying, "It's not about whether you're gay, straight or bi and more that human sexuality is what it is. Given the circumstances, every character could be attracted to one another. Come on, look at Reeve!"

When asked if the Ethan/Dorian relationship would continue, Logan said, "It would be "corrupt" not to deal with all forms of sexuality in the show. He thinks they deal with all iterations of what it means to be human. He says he's been asked if Ethan is gay or bi and if Dorian is omnisexual, but he dismisses the question as irrelevant: "People behave in the moment in a way that is true to them. It's 2014; we can have people be true in a sexual way." This lovely statement was met with applause.

Hartnett also spoke on the questions regarding his werewolf side saying, "he'll have some emotional power, but otherwise, he is a slave to the moon. Ethan lives little of his life not in fear of the moon cycle; he just doesn't know exactly what's going to happen each time."

Carney was asked to address The Painting and whether or not it is a curse or something that he asked for. Carney referred to it as an "idle wish"; he's not sure it will be explained fully. However, Logan promises that we will get to see the picture of Dorian Gray this season. (Yay!) Initially The Portrait was going to be seen in the finale, but they decided to hold off "because they enjoy the mystery and to expose it in season one would be premature."

Logan was taken to task over the way female sexuality is portrayed on the show. He responded that ,"In no way is sexuality a bad thing for him. Neither is unlocking a demon. It's all just about seeing the characters progressing and evolving."

Logan has still not fully decided what he will do about Brona, but he did say that Vanessa and Ethan's connection will be the biggest relationship in season two. Ethan will also learn exactly who he is.

Frustrated by the lack of a villain that could speak, Logan created Madame Kali who was in a couple of episodes this first season. "She'll be the antagonist in Season wo! Her supernatural world will become the big threat."

Explaining that the first eight episodes were structured to build a family and bring them together, now Logan can build relationships and mix things up a bit. He went on to explain that the show has a lot to do with growing up as a gay man before it was accepted as it is now. He knows what it feels like to be alienated, but also his differences make him who he is. Finding solace in the romantic poets led him to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. He thought it was a "fascinating world" and this is where the idea for the show came from.

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These are just a few of the things that were addressed on the panel; you can also watch the panel and hear everything that was discussed in this video.

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