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The Conjuring franchise is one of the top rated franchises across the globe, and it doesn't stop with The Conjuring 2. It has been confirmed that The Conjuring will get a second sequel — which is in early pre-production stage — with David Leslie Johnson returning to write the third installment.

Johnson, who wrote , has signed a fresh new contract to pitch his story idea for The Conjuring 3. But, with all that in place, it appears the third film is reportedly not going to have James Wan return to direct but why?

James Wan Will Still Be Part Of the Movie

'The Conjuring 2' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Conjuring 2' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

isn't just known for his work on franchise, as he has taken on a new project with Warner Bros. — DC's Aquaman. By the time The Conjuring 3 makes it to the production stage, James Wan will unfortunately be busy shooting and editing Aquaman.

However, James Wan will still be working on The Conjuring 3. Wan will be producing the sequel, making the movie as terrifying as can be. But who is replacing Wan as director? As it stands, Warner Bros. has not yet revealed Wan's replacement, but fans are expecting news as the project unfolds.

Final Points

'Annabelle' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Annabelle' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The plot details for The Conjuring 3 remain confidential for now, but it has been confirmed that the third installment will be keeping its tradition of real-life Warren case files for inspiration. While The Conjuring 3 gradually goes into production, hardcore fans have a fair amount to look forward to, all of which based in the universe of The Conjuring. The Nun and the Crooked Man are both to receive their own spin-off film in years to come. On the other hand, all eyes are on the horrifying doll, Annabelle, as she returns for a haunting sequel , which is due for release on August 11.

What has been your favorite moment from The Conjuring movies?

(Source: Empire)

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