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Putting words on paper can become difficult at times. Especially when you have to say goodbye to something that has played a massive part within your life. We're all aware that is closing on November 30th, meaning we all have to finish this chapter in our lives and move onto a fresh page.

I first started writing for Creators just over three years ago, and writing for a company so massive has impacted me so much. I was introduced to the platform when a college peer referred me to the site. Since then, it took some time to fit and stand on my own two feet within the platform. Getting everyone to read my first piece was quite difficult. But, I want to share my experience with you all before we say one final goodbye!

First Steps

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

November 2014 saw me publish my very first piece, which was related. Back then, Doctor Who wasn't spoken or written about much within Creators or Movie Pilot. But still, there's a first time for everything. The piece itself was a review on the Season 8 finale of Doctor Who - The day fans finally found out the true identity of Missy.

The outcome of my first article (and review) was actually quite positive. I remember sharing it on Facebook and in the Doctor Who Facebook groups and a lot of positive comments emerged, which encouraged me to continue on writing.

Once I got to know who I was as a writer, I began to step out of my comfort zone a bit more to attract more readers. My first major piece outside of Doctor Who, which really took off was an article showing where the cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are today. Of course, I wrote many other little pieces before that one, but this post was a special one - My first Facebook feature. I was in college the day I saw it featured, and I don't think I have ever got so excited over a simple piece being shared across social media.

Following on from my first featured post, I gained a lot more confidence in myself to write more intriguing and exciting posts. This then lead to many more of my posts being shared across social media platforms and engaging with the readers.

My Time At Creators

Once I started exploring outside of my favorite TV shows, I was picked up by Bridget from Movie Pilot, who was willing to work alongside me to make my work better, as there's always room for improvement.

Once I had written out a draft for a post, I would forward it onto Bridget. When received, Bridget promptly replied to my messages with multiple annotations where she thinks the article could be improved. Once I applied these changes, the article was ready to go and I excitedly shared it all over the internet. This then became a regular way in which I would post articles.

Whilst in the arms of Bridget, I applied for the Verified Creators program without asking for any help, as I believed I didn't need any. Well, I was proved wrong. I got that rejection email saying my articles needed a lot of improvement, as I submitted these two posts without consulting Bridget before hand. Which I now regret.

Once I was told I wasn't accepted as a Verified Creator I continued to work on small pieces to pass the time until the right time approached to apply again. Months after my first rejection, Bridget contacted me saying she thinks I'm ready to apply again. So I did. We both worked together on a piece. However, Bridget sadly left Creators before I could draft it to her before submitting. So, I submitted it anyway, and guess what happened - Another rejection email.

With myself gaining another rejection email, I began to give up writing for a while. But, that didn't last long as I was introduced to Charlotte Kotterman, who became my new mentor. We both shared article ideas together to really fit the piece in the puzzle and make it a good piece.

Once we had a solid pitch put together, I went off and wrote it up. Once it was completed I sent the draft to Charlotte, who was eagerly waiting to read it, and was always incredibly helpful with her annotations. Not only that, she was better at coming up with article titles than I was. Each piece I wrote had a really dull title, which wouldn't gain any readers. Then Charlotte would come along and you'd be like "wow, why didn't I think of that?"

With the outstanding help from Charlotte, my writing had improved so much that we both agreed now was a suitable time to apply for the Verified Creators program for a third time. So, I pitched my idea to Charlotte - How A Young Female Doctor Could Give 'Doctor Who' A Fresh Start - and we both agreed this was an interesting angle to take.

Once it was published and submitted, we both awaited that all important email back from Creators. On the 4th April, 2017 I received an email from Julian Bahmani with the subject title reading 'Verified Creator.' I saw it and was like "brilliant, another rejection", as the subject heading wasn't convincing. However, as I read it, the email said:

After reviewing your application, I'd like to formally invite you to the program, effective immediately. Congratulations!

I was so excited that I messaged Charlotte straight away, who was just as excited as I was. Ever since then, with the wonderful help from Charlotte, my posts got better and better (writing wise) and I was actually feeling good about myself for a change. When working with Charlotte, we both achieved some record breaking posts. Without her help, I don't think these posts would reach 1,000 reads, let along 400,000 reads!

A Final Farewell

Shortly after Charlotte sadly left Creators, it was announced that will be shutting down. Obviously, this hit not only me quite hard, but everyone who write for the platform. I needed a few days to actually work out what I'll do next, and it didn't take long.

But, I would personally like to thank all the mentors, including Nicole Akakpo (who mentored me for a short time after Charlotte left) who helped me on my journey, as well as all the other members of staff. I've never spoken to people as friendly as the guys at Creators and Movie Pilot. If you had a question or a pitch idea for them, they'd respond to you within a click of the fingers.

Writing for such an amazing platform will remain a huge highlight of my life, as I've really defined myself as a writer now. This is me now signing off the platform, and I wish all the staff and the wonderful community within the platform all the best in the future - Just stay in touch!

Farewell and good luck all!

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