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The 'Avengers:Age of Ultron' is going to hit theaters May 1st,2015,and will have many special appearances of new characters including quick-silver,scarlet witch,vision,and of course,Ultron.Now,the movie will have the avengers(hulk,cap,iron-man,black-widow,and hawk-eye) but this team of heroes will have to face a force that is unbelievable and might just kill some of them,now,im not saying that ultron will kill the avengers,but he will definitely have a huge impact on some of the characters story.

Some creditable sites say that this movie will contain one marvel character that many like,Vision,and will also include the famous'hulk buster' armor.Vision is an android and is part of the avengers and will star in the film as part of the avengers.As you can see on that picture on the top of the page,you can see vision floating up in the air on the top left corner.I'm very excited to see how they make him and what they do with him as part of the avengers.The hulk buster armor doesn't really have a lot of facts given out about it,but there is a scene where it shows iron in that armor going against the hulk,but we aren't really sure when it will be in the film.

As you know,the movie will hit the theaters in 2015,but it wont be a long wait.You can see special previews on youtube or on you television but will still have to wait till next year to see the full film.So,after learning so much about this film,what are you most excited to see in the film?the new characters,Ultron,the new iron man suit,or something else???


what are you most excited about in 'The Avengers:Age of ultron"???

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