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Civil war already premiered in Brazil, where i'm from, so i already apologize for possible not so good english that "peter's aunt" come ;)
Tom Holland, i only got 1 thing 2 say, THANK YOU!!! Man, James Gunn, director of "Guardians of the galaxy" said "He is to Spidey as Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, Pratt is to Star-Lord." And i have to agree, THIS IS THE BEST SPIDER MAN SO FAR!

And when i saw this interview from 4:11 to the end i thought, "dude, this kid IS spider man (i don't even know if i can call him kid, he was born in june 1st 1996 and i was born on 199704), that (what he says in that meantime in the video) was so typical from Peter Parker". Andrew Garfield for me was the perfect spider man, but not so good Peter Parker, Tom Holland managed to be both PERFECTLY! So it hurts deep down in my soul as a fan to admit it but, he overcame Andrew Garfield!

I never doubted him, watching "The impossible", Tom Holland's feature movie, he just rocks in a very dificult role!! So i never doubted him, now, maaaaannn, just like James Gunn tweeted, he is spider man as much as RDJ is iron man.

Many people who wants to see this movie mainly to see spider man with the avengers wants to know his screen time, what was just smart and sly from the directors or writers's job, was that you leave satisfied with how much you see of spider man, but in the same time you leave wanting some more, which is obviously hard, because, how can you want some more if you are satisfied with what you got!? The directors managed to make us content with how much we see of spider man, but still leave that will to see some more to the next movie in the same time!

Just one more thing, again, Tom Holland just brought us the perfect spider man we all want, so perfect that you can notice that in a half of his screen time! CONGRATULATIONS DUDE!

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