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Captain america: civil war already premiered in Brazil, where i'm from, so i already apologize for my "not so good english" that "spider man's aunt" come! and man, THIS SPIDER MAN WAS JUST PERFECT, I CAN ONLY CONGRATULATE TOM HOLLAND FOR BRINGING US THE PERFECT SPIDER MAN WE ALL LOVE!!

James Gunn, Director of "Guardians of the galaxy" tweeted a while ago about the character in civil war, "He is to Spidey as Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, Pratt is to Star-Lord." And i need to agree, he is spider man as much as RDJ is iron man, he IS spider man even outside the cameras, check this interview from 4 min and 11 seconds to the end , and tell me, isn't that a typical spider man funny stupidity? He IS spider man guys!

Now WHY is he such a perfect spider man? I always loved Andrew Garfield as spider man, but never liked him a lot as Peter Parker. Even though i prefer Andrew Garfield over Tobey Maguire in general, and even though there is a fan war between Tobey vs Garfield lovers as spider man, everyone agrees that Andrew was better as spider man, and Tobey was better as Peter Parker. BUT, Tom Holland is the perfect spider man AND Peter Parker, he came to end this "who is the best spider man?" fan war! (there can be small and not relevant spoilers, i say you can read this even without watching the movie, there are spoilers but no big deal)

Why is he the perfect Peter Parker?

-He's smart and nerd

-Doesn't like sports

-Says he nailed in his math test

-He tries to hide he's spider man by dragging the other's attention to his jokes and stupidities (with "others" i mean SPOILERS: Tony)

-He wants to stay home because of school and Not going with the iron man! (he even replies "i'll pretend i didn't hear that")

Why he is the perfect spider man?

-He jokes all the time. which is what i loved about Andrew Garfield in the role, and i hated about Tobey Magure on it (seriouslly, that first spider man was more like Edward Cullen, all whiny and crying, totally not spider man, and please don't hate me "TobeyFans")

-He talks to the people he fight against, wanting to know more about how amazing they are like: "WOW! IS THAT A CARBON FIBER WING?! THAT'S AWESOME?" (Quote maybe in the movie, maybe not ;) )

-He tries to avoid fight, but uses the fight to do jokes!

-Talks even about star wars to do a joke against someone

-Even when he's all beaten up he's like "no! no! no! come on, i can do it! please! i'm not so injured just.... yeah, i'm done"

Just tell me, isn't that the perfect spider mann? can't wait to see more of him!

NOTE: He manages to do it so well, that in 15 minutes we see him, is enough to judge him as the best spider man so far, and he stays like, 30 minutes on the movie (i'll even take my chances and say he appears less than ant man and hawkeye)

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