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I am hoping deeply, that one day, a star wars live action series actually happen, and i wanted so badly, that i actually thought about what the first episode could be like, and i wanted to share. If u are in the mood for reading it all, tell me one thing i am curious, who would you cast for each role? The ones i would are gonna be in the end.

Episode 1

The story begins with a terrorist attack on a planet, wich among the victims, are two younglings between 13 and 15 years old,a boy, Narkull Valum, human, and a girl, Feruna Loork, Zabrak, that are held hostage, a jedi arrives, saves everyone, the jedi senses that the two younglings are strong with the force, even more than seen in hundreds of years. These two, in the beginning, doesn't know each other, but the Jedi whom saves them, sense the force surrounding them and, amazed by how strong in the force they are, he asks them if they have any interest in joining the jedi order, Narkull is not, because he has a family and a sick family member to take care of, but he agrees once the jedi tells them the republic will provide all aid they need if he joins the order, and that he could be helpfull and save countless other lifes. Feruna however, accepts right away, since she always dreamed of becoming a jedi.

We are quickly introduced to Narkull's family, and the family aproves his decision of becoming a jedi, since he will save and help hundreds with this job.

Right after that, they are taken to a jedi academy in Dantooine, that works like a hogwarts for jedi, Narkull gets his master, Nerlam Bax, and Feruna hers, Liney, they are chosen to work together as partners in training, and start liking each other. All teachers get impressed by their development, and also, the sith!

The sith leader, an emperor, senses a difference in the force, like someone has too much force energy, but too young to be a jedi, so he concludes that this disturbance in the force comes from dantooine, the center of the youngling jedi training, and then he sends his sith apprentice there, to capture this padawan whoever he or she was.

He goes, and gets in by pretending to be a costumer, he is allowed in, with mind trick also, the apprentice captures Narkull, by luring him alone outside, and using a sleeping gas. The apprentice believes Narkull is the only unusually force sesitive in the academy, cuz he is not sensing anyone as force sensitive as Narkull, because Feruna was not there, and yes, watching her master in a mission.

Then the next scene is Narkull, in a "prision tabe" restrained, with no shirt and many needles in his chest sucking his blood. He wakes up and asks where he is, to the apprentice that restrained him. The usual questions, who are you, what you want from me, and the apprentice explains that the needles in narkull's chest are tied to a new force draining empire machine that needs to continuously recieve the force user's blood to work, and that's why Narkull was captured, not killed, so that the sith could use Narkull's force energy to become more powerfull, and then, he leaves, and Narkull is alone.

Doesn't take long for the academy to notice their missing student, Feruna begins to worry about Narkull, and suddenly she overhears their masters, Nerlam and Liney talking about a tracking device they put in their students, then she calms down, hoping that the rescue will come for Narkull, but she keeps overhearing her masters, she hears them contacting the senator, asking him to let them go save him, but he refuses, afraid to lose some of the best jedi to save a mere padawan, then they ask the chancellor, and she says the exact same thing. Feruna decides to go on her own to prove she is better than they think.

Meanwhile, Narkull is having his blood sucked by the blood and force draining device, and he sees a trooper coming in, and pressing the button to give his blood back, and releases him, and gives him his chlotes and saber, when he takes the helmet off, is Feruna, they hug each other, Narkull gets dressed and they flee to a escape pod, but before they can enter the pod, they meet with the sith apprentice, and for the first time in the episode, they turn on their sabers, Narkull has a green saber, and Feruna, a yellow one, The sith laughs and cast his two sabers, and they start fighting, and Feruna, when is about to lose, is force pushed by narkull into an escape pod and sent away, to keep her safe. Now is only Narkull and The sith apprentice, Narkull wins, his fight alone is shorter than with Feruna helping him, he wins without killing the apprentice, and flees! He tells the jedi council what happens, and about the device and...


Narkull Vallum- Levi Miller (Pan), Mason Cook (spy kids 4) or Josh Wiggins (Max)

Feruna Loork- Bailee Madison (Young snow white in once upon a time) if Narkull is played by Josh Wiggins or Mason Cook and Millie Brown (stranger things) if played by Levi Miller

Mastress Liney- Scarlett Johansson, because this mastress would probabbly have a bit of black widow's personality and SJ plays many strong female roles.

Master Nerlam Bax-Ryan Reynolds, i would like his character to be a little little VERY little bit of deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds would be cool to see playing a jedi

Sith Master- Tom Hardy, reason.... BANE. That's all

Sith apprentice- Andrew Garfield- What if he still secretly feels bad about not being spider man anymore? who wouldn't like to play a character in star wars? and what if he does new and play a bad guy?

The senator- Denzel washington, he would do a great kind of arrogant but altruistic politician, besides, is Denzel freaking Washington

The chancellor- Cate Blanchett, for the same reason i would cast Denzel washington

If there was a bounty hunter, i would cast Johnny Depp for a male version and his wife for a female 1.


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