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Since I'm just starting off with my blog, I think it's important to write about thing more personal, so new viewers will be able to know a little bit more about me! I was trying to think of something to write about today, and I came across the idea of discussing favorites. I love telling people what I'm interested in and sharing my favorites with my friends to see if they will like them as well! (Usually music, but my friends Ashley and Ethan don't appreciate good music apparently! Mostly Ashley...).

My interests are kind of all over the place! I like old things that are very 90's, things that are very on trend, anything that has to do with outer space and the stars, you name it and I might just be interested! I have a very open mind, which is something I like about my personality. I am writing this in hopes that you all can either relate to the things I enjoy, or find something new you'll love to try!

Fashion Interests:

1.) Mom Jeans.

Now, I know these are something you either love or you hate, but I love them! They are actually super comfortable, and I am someone who is obsessed with all pants high waisted, so of course I love these! The style is pretty 90's, and they aren't the most popular things ever, but I love them!

2.) Turtle Necks.

When I was a little kid, I seriously hated turtle necks. If you put me in one, I would complain and pout the entire day! Now, I'm wearing one right now as I'm writing this! Turtle necks are something that has come back in style recently. You see them all over Pinterest, and they loo absolutely adorable! Not to mention that they are usually pretty comfortable.

3.) Over Sized Flannels.

I love flannels so much, I mean who doesn't? They are so comfortable and are always a good go-to in the fall or winter seasons. I love over sized flannels because I can wear a dress underneath of it, and it looks super cute! Also, it just makes them so much more cozy. Flannels will always be so cute and trendy! Something else amazing about them is that they are so awesome to sleep in.

4.) High Top Converse

I think these shoes are a need in everyone's wardrobe. I wear them almost every single day! They match literally everything, and can be dressed up or down. I usually wear mine with some leggings and an over sized hoodie. They are the best shoes ever in my opinion.

5.) Floppy Hats.

Hats are so great. You could be having a terrible hair day to the point where you don't want to leave the house and then boom, put a hat on and you're good to go! I own two floppy, and I feel like they can make an outfit so much better! If you're wearing something very plain, the hat will either add more color or make it look like you put a lot more effort into it than you really did!

Beauty Interests:

1.) Morphe 35N Palette.

I got this palette for Christmas of 2016 and it has been so amazing ever since I got it! I've used it every day, and all the colors are so pigmented! They blend so easily, and the price is insane. Only $19.99 for a palette that has 35 shades and they all work? Pretty much a steal. This is my first Morphe palette, and hopefully I can purchase more!

2.) E.l.f Bronzer Palette

This palette is so underrated. For $6, this is the most amazing thing ever! I have used it every day since I've gotten it and I am obsessed. E.l.f has some of the most amazing products for such a low price, and their cruelty free! I highly recommend you try this.

3.) Eco Tools Brushes.

These are also something I got for Christmas, and they are so amazingly soft, it's unbelievable! These brushes blend out your products so quickly, and I'm so glad I have them! They are cruelty free, and are super affordable! Absolutely love them.

4.) Beauty Blender

Everyone who loves makeup knows what a beauty blender is, and I have expressed my love for it multiple times on my blog but I'm telling you, it is so incredibly amazing to blend in foundation and concealer. My makeup got so much better after I began using it! They are miracle workers, and I wish I could give he creator of them a big hug and thank you!

5.) NYX Butter Glosses.

I love NYX so much. They have some of the most amazing products at the drugstore, and they are pretty affordable for the quality! They really do such an amazing job with their lip products, such as the butter gloss! This lip product is so moisturizing and wonderful. I wish I had every single color! They have good pigment, and a long wear time for a gloss. Absolutely love this product!

Those are a few things that I love to wear, or makeup products I use every day! I think I will make more of these, just in different categories. I hope you learned a little bit more about my style and interests while reading this, and let me know if you love any of these styles or products!

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Hope you have a lovely day!

Much Love, Julianna

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