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This past fall, the world of TV got a whole lot greater. Yup, it so did.

With so many new shows having been introduced to our screens, there is one in particular that caught the attention and hearts of many, and it's NBC's new drama called This Is Us.

Why is This Is Us a great show to start watching, you may ask?

You ever just want to sit down and watch a show to get you all in your feels and make think about life in general? Well this is just the show for you.

This Is Us centers around two different timelines with the past and the present. It dives into life from all walks of life and people can't stop talking about it, and I'm sure if you start it, you won't either.

Here are 4 reasons why I think you should put it on your must-watch TV lists!

1. Stellar actors with amazing acting

Let's see, we got Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K Brown, Justin Hartley, and Christy Meitz as the main cast members. They put it in their all, I'll tell you that. Milo and Mandy's performance as Jack and Rebecca is is absolutely moving with stunning chemistry they have together and Sterling knocks it out of the park in almost every episode thus far. Perfectly casted for this show, and seeing them on my screen is already a reason why I enjoy this show so much.

2) Some really, really, good storytelling.

I mean, that pilot's cliffhanger in itself is a reason to get you pumped for the show. Without giving away any spoilers, of course I'm just going to say that it's been a gasp after gasp after that pilot. The storytelling on this show is compelling to the point where it is not so overdue with it's shock value, but in the way it naturally flows well together. The show is based on two different timelines so we go back and forth from the past to the present and they correlate with each other so well. It's a heartfelt TV show.

3) It's relatable, in some form or another.

The struggles are real, the happiness is real and the emotions are real. It's something people on the daily have or continue to come across with some point in their lives. It has that sort of grasp on you where it makes you think about your own life or someone else's life as well. It's realistic, indeed.

4) Super easy to catch up with in no time!

If you didn't have time to watch it, now would be the time! It's only 10 episodes in, so get your binge on! Because once you're hooked, you're hooked. There's no going back so enjoy the ride!

Here's the official trailer to give you one last nudge on starting on this wonderfully, well-written show.

An all new episodes of This Is Us airs tonight, January 10th at a special time at 10pm/9c only on NBC!

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