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Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait what?

That was definitely my reaction to this mind-boggling fan theory that's been stirring around for some time.

Grey's Anatomy continues to be one of the longest running medical-drama on TV right now. As they are in their 13th season, while a 14th season is still in the air, you can't help but continue to keep on watching. I know I can't.

But this theory has me going weary, which will honestly break my heart into little pieces, because if it is, let's say, something that is hypothetically true, it will be a complete game changer to the series. Not to mention, my whole perspective for this show will totally be a mess for me.

Alzheimer's disease was something that was already a topic introduced in the pilot on Grey's Anatomy, showing Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey falling ill to the disease. We learn that Meredith's voice-over is a narration that she was telling her mother about everything that's been going on in her life.

Natalie Abrams, Senior Writer over at Entertainment Weekly put together this fan theory piece and some of her own indicating that what if Meredith altered her reality because she's had Alzheimer' all this time?

Was this all just a mere dream of a reality that she envisioned for herself instead of her true, reality?

Ah, my head is already going in circles just thinking about it.

This would change so much, and not in a good way.

Abrams basically hypothesizes that what if...maybe Derek didn't tragically die from that car accident, when in reality he left her. What if maybe Izzie was just an over-emotional intern that out her feelings before her professionalism by stealing that heart for Denny and got fired instead?

Over the course of 13 seasons, Grey Anatomy has been through it's highest and it's lowest and from it's happy filled moments to it's gut-wrenching 'OMG WHY' moments, but this theory will change everything. It cant just be something that only played in Meredith's mind, all those character deaths, hospital shootings, floods, couldn't have all been false, like it didn't really happen. It can't be.

Through this all, we do know two things, Ellis Grey did die from the disease in Season 3 and Meredith Grey did test positive to genetic markers in possibly having the disease in Season 9.

This theory could change everything, and some fans actually think that the show might possibly end it with Meredith actually having Alzheimer all along.

This could all be a reality that Meredith wanted to believe, for all these years with the intention of erasing the real way that it happened. Like Meredith created a story all on her own.

It's a sad theory to even think about, if you ask me. I wouldn't know how to process it all if this is actually what we end up getting as the show concludes.

A theory I wouldn't find too outlandish would be closing off the show with Meredith being diagnosed with the disease, making it a tear-jerking cliff end to an emotional-filled TV show.

Note: This is only a fan theory, nor there is no indication that this is true or might be true. Just a little suspense to gear our Grey's Anatomy minds a little of suspense. It worked, right?

What do you think about this theory? Think it's too over the top? Or do you think it might be a possibility? Sound off in the comments below!

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