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Bates Motel is now is service...well, sorta. Enjoy your stay.

Bates Motel is returning for it's 5th and final season February 20th, but not without leaving us super terrified. As Alfred's Hitchcock's prequel comes to an end, there is so much that has yet to continue before we say our farewell.

With Norman dangerous more than ever, and after Season 4's devastating finale, we are left with so much curiosity on what's going to happen next.

Mother is no longer around, and Norman's mind is as treacherous as it can get it.

Season 5 is rolling around the corner, and here are 5 things we know so far:

1. Norman is still struggling, living a double life.

The show will fast forward to two years after, and Norman Bates is an older man now, but his mind is still the same. The mind that still controls him and his environment to measures that are absolutely worrisome. To the outside world, he shows himself as calm and sweet as he can be, but when he is all alone his world is entirely different. His continuous violent blackouts take a toll on him more than before and this time 'Mother' has full control.

2. Dylan and Emma have no idea about Norma Bates death.

Last we saw Dylan and Emma leaving White Pine Bay to live a happy life, in which they so deserved because those two are just perfect for each other and need a fresh start. Unfortunately, they are completely unaware that Norma is dead, which I believe will eventually bring them back to town to face this tragic heartache. And also deal with Norman, if they can even try.

3. Alex Romero is out for revenge, and we should be scared.

Alex and Norma's love story was tragically put to an end last season, after he comes to the house a little too late in hopes of saving the woman that he loves. He knows damn well that it was all Norman, and he's not going to put this to rest, that's for sure. Oh and he's also incarcerated for perjury, so that could also add more fuel to his fiery vengeance in seeking justice for Norma meaning it's going to get ugly with his step-son. Uh-oh.

4. Rihanna will be playing the iconic Marion Cane.

Oooh, get ready for that folks!

5. A new couple will make way into White Pine Bay, and what trouble might they bring?

Will they be the ones to grow weary of Norman's secret life and try to expose him? Hmm...

I'm curious as to how this final season will pan out, how will Norman's story end and how things will go for the other characters. The trailer gives you a snippet of what Norman's been up to and it's some creepy ish. 'Mother' can't seem to let him go, right?

Watch the Season 5 trailer below!

Don't miss the final season premiere of Bates Motel February 20th, 9/8c only on A&E!

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