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Fan theories are all over the place when it comes to the identity of Evan Peters in this season of American Horror Story. I have taken the liberty of compiling the fan theories that may hold some weight in this mystery. Spoiler Alert!

1. Pig-head Man

One of the stranger aspects of season 6 thus far is the pig-head man. This man wearing a severed pig's head can be seen running through the woods, and the outskirts of our nightmares. His visage brings back memories of the piggy-man who delighted our screens way back in season one. Nevertheless, many fans speculate that this pig man may in fact be Evan Peters. This theory has gained traction after a comparison was made between the pig man's body and that of Peters.

2. A Talking Head (Officer No Name)

In August, Peters was photographed with a head full of red hair. He later confirmed that his new hairstyle was chosen for his role in AHS.

Fans have suggested that Peters may be playing the talking head ( in the docudrama "My Roanoke Nightmare" ) for Officer No Name who has appeared in Episode one and two of this season thus far.

Look familiar?

3. Charles Manson

Manson rumors peaked when a side by side comparison of Peters' Instagram photo and Manson mad its rounds on the internet.

However, after Peters confirmed the "red hair rumor", this theory does not seem to hold much weight.

Other fans chimed in to confirm that this image was taken on the set of "Where the White Man Runs Away".

Regardless of who Peters is playing, I hope that he makes an appearance in episode three or AHS fans may take matters into their own hands!

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