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Geostorm, the disaster of a disaster storm, hit theaters this October and was immediately hit with an onslaught of negative reviews. We've seen the film, we've expressed our disappointment, so why are we still thinking about Geostorm!? I believe that the answer lies within the film itself. Geostorm is a tantalizing combination of good and bad that leaves us unsatisfied, but makes us come back for more. What gives Geostorm this power over us? I have some thoughts on the matter.

1. Our Desire to Love Geostorm

Geostorm promises everything that the modern moviegoer desires: action, the threat of world destruction, a star studded cast, and a directorial debut!

Let's face it, a large proportion of Geostorm's audience went to drool over Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess. Gerard Butler is known for his devilish good looks and his action leading man status, but it is hard to carry a movie on muscle and filmography alone.

Even Jim Sturgess couldn't make this movie work. Yes, Jim Sturgess...the dreamy boy next door type that turned out to be a well good singer from Across The Universe. If you haven't seen Sturgess's other films, I highly recommend Heartless (and for you romantics out there, One Day).

Don't worry, I'm not forgetting about Ed Harris. Who could forget the man, the myth, the legend that gave us such gems a Apollo 13, The Way Back, and Westworld.

Regardless of the incredible cast, the director, Dean Devlin, was oh so promising. Devlin produced Stargate, Godzilla, and the Independence Day movies, making Geostorm very enticing for action movie buffs. Despite his prior experiences, it seems as though the stars did not align for Devlin with Geostorm.

We went into the theater wanting to love this film, and I believe that, for some of us, we wanted to love the film so badly that we could not whole-heartedly hate Geostorm. We are left confused as to why we want to re-watch a film that was so disappointing.

2. The Convoluted Storyline

The storyline of Geostorm feels more like a confused toddler telling you about his first trip to Disney World than a feature film. You can't expect a film to succeed when a large part of the plot is just actors staring at various computer screens. There is absolutely no character development and the action sequences seem to just be thrown in at random to keep the audience from falling asleep. The randomness of the plot oddly works in the film's favor as the audience is forced to keep watching out of sheer confusion about where the story is going. Maybe that is what is tempting us to give Geostorm another go, we're still trying to understand why and how the story gets from point "A" to point "B".

Jake Lawson and Ute Fassbinder staring at a screen
Jake Lawson and Ute Fassbinder staring at a screen

Max Lawson staring at a screen
Max Lawson staring at a screen

3. The...Writing

The writing in this film is just plain bad. When great actors still sound cheesy and fake, you know that something is wrong. The dialogue is very unnatural and several forced jokes simply fall flat on the audience. However, the terrible writing adds to the disaster comedy aspect of the film. If you go in expecting a Sharknadoesque experience, this film is really funny.

4. The Infuriating Action Sequences

These action sequences are incredibly odd. For example, one scene depicts a young bikini clad woman running from a wall of freezing air who is almost crushed by an airplane that suddenly falls out of the sky. All of the disaster sequences contain similarly odd coincidental and unrealistic events that in a way make the massive death tolls of the storms seem blase. The graphics themselves do not help the cheesy nature of these scenes which begs the question, where was the budget for this movie spent?

Magic lightning that targets our main character's car
Magic lightning that targets our main character's car

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