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Of course the last 30 minutes of Man of Steel left me begging for more. It was the first time I saw a real Superman battle on screen and I've been waiting a long time. The thing I like most about both trailers I like the most and hope continues is what they don't show. We know enough about both films to be chomping at the bit to see them. I don't want to know who BvsS's true big bad or what the Suicide Squad's mission is and how Batman and the Joker relate to it until I see the movies. BvsS will pull a huge audience to start with just from the anticipation of seeing the Trinity on screen together for the first time. How good the movie is and how well the villain is protrayed will determine it's run from their. I don't think Suicide Squad had as much interest until that awesome trailer except for the Joker but now it too is on most peoples radar and Quality will determine it's legs.

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