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Conor McGregor doesn't want fight promotion to get in the way of the actual fighting part of the business. That is, unless it's ESPN.

On Monday, the sports powerhouse announced that McGregor would be included in this year's "Body Issue" of ESPN The Magazine.

The body issue is an annual collection of nude/semi-nude photographs of famous athletes.

While McGregor has been made official, the full roster of who will be appearing in the annual magazine won't be released until June 20 with the special edition hitting newsstands on July 8.

It's a bit of a milestone for the 27-year-old McGregor. He will be the sixth MMA fighter to appear in the body issue joining fellow fighters Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Jon Jones, Cris Cyborg and her ex-husband, Evangelista Santos. Rousey is the only MMA fighter to have graced the cover of the magazine's annual tribute to the athletic body.

As for McGregor, after getting booted from the main card for the historical UFC 200, he's been causing more media mayhem than in-Octagon excitement. He's currently without an opponent or fight date and doesn't seem to be any closer to one either. It was reported that UFC President Dana White met with both McGregor and his desired opponent Nate Diaz last week. While the meeting with McGregor went well, the one with Diaz reportedly did not with White storming out in the middle of it.

McGregor has been spending his off time fanning the fire on the rumors of a match-up with boxer Floyd Mayweather. Many have made arguments for and against a fight between the two pay-per-view record holders, culminating in White stating that if Mayweather wants to fight McGregor, he should call him. Despite the rumors, McGregor is contracted with the UFC, so they would need to sign off on such a fight happening.

It's been stated earlier this year that McGregor would have to return to his featherweight division to unify the title there. He would fight the winner of the Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar interim bout which is taking place at UFC 200. McGregor has said that he expects that fight to happen later this year, but has had his sights on a rematch with Diaz before that. Based on the meetings that took place last week, it's looking more and more like a rematch is unlikely to happen any time soon.