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Recent Oscar, SAG, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards winner Emma Stone has worked with a lot of A-Listers, ranging from Jonah Hill to Ryan Gosling. But there are a lot of actors who never worked with Emma, and one of them is Martin Freeman. Yes, THE Martin Freeman.

Here are reasons why I want them for a movie:


OK, I've asked a lot of people on Tumblr if they would love to see Martin Freeman and Emma Stone on a film, some would say yes, but if they were casted as a couple, everyone hates that idea since everyone cringes over the older man/younger woman Hollywood cliche, but if they were casted as siblings, it would be OK. Yikes.

Since they're both sassy, funny and versatile, in my opinion, they could work. I've seen the comedy movies Emma (I'm referring to Crazy, Stupid Love) and the sitcom Martin was in (The Office).

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