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The 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 'Coming Out of Their Shells' live-action music tour is not exactly known as the zenith of the long-running franchise. The nightmarish costumes, the terrible flimsy plot, and the fact it was basically a Pizza Hut commercial on stage is already enough to ruin childhoods. However, if it's not, there's also this Oprah video interview which is sure to cause shock, revulsion and cringing.

In an interview segment on her show, we see Oprah posting some rather benign questions to our heroes in a half-shell, namely, would they also like April O'Neil to be a turtle? Their answer, which verges uncomfortably close to bestiality, was enough to stun the kids in the audience and deliver some weapons-grade embarrassment to everyone else. Check out the clip below:

Let's just take a closer look at some of those reactions:

I'm guessing these kids are too young to know about the 'birds and the bees,' and now, unfortunately, they've received their first sex-ed lesson from four pizza-obsessed anthropomorphic teenage rockstar terrapins.

Meanwhile, this kid has taken a sterner approach to the whole issue, and looks like he'll be having a frank word with them later.

But perhaps most awkward of all is the poor actress who has to play April O'Neil. She tries to laugh away the horror of a band of turtles suggesting they want to copulate with her, but you can clearly see her eyes scream, "HELP ME!"


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comments were...

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