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The Super Bowl is easily the biggest sporting event of the year. People travel from around the world, celebrities want to be seen, companies pay an insane amount of money for advertisement spots, and only the most popular of musicians get to play in the halftime show. But what if the Super Bowl was Marvel VS DC Comics? I think the teams would look something like this.

Commentators: Namor, Ben Grimm, and Citizen Steel, Booster Gold

On one hand, you have Booster Gold, Citizen Steel and Ben Grimm who actually played football. And then you have Namor who probably knows nothing about football but would absolutely love to tell you how much better he would be at it than everyone else. So you'll have knowledge of the game as well as some accidental comic relief.

Gotham City Justice League:

Owner and General manger: Bruce Wayne

Can you go anywhere in the DC universe without something being made by Wayne Enterprises? I highly doubt it. To top it off, it's a brand and a name you trust. If not for all of his fights with Superman and illegal accusations, Lex Luthor would be the go to here. But if you want a team sponsored and also admired by the public, you go with Bruce Wayne. Plus I am sure he would find a way to spy on the Marvel team with one of his many satellites in space.

Team Color: Black and really dark grey

Head coach: Brainiac

After taking in all of the ins and outs of the game of football, analyzing the players on each team, Braniac might be the deciding factor in this game. Brainiac would probably put together a great set of plays to run throughout the competition.

Quarterback: Cyborg

First off, Cyborg used to play football, so he knows the game. Second, he has the technology to analyze all of the players on the field. Lastly, he has a cannon. I don't mean he has a strong arm, I mean he literally has cannon for an arm. So just get open and catch the ball.

Defensive Coordinator: Kilowog

After years of training Green Lanterns to go into war, training a defensive team would be a cake walk. Kilowog is rough, tough, fair, and a great teacher. Everything you need to be a great teacher and coordinator.

Offensive line: Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Kyle Raynor, Guy Gardner

Who better to protect the quarter back than five guys who could only be stopped by their will power. The Lanterns could set up using bigger stronger objects to stop Marvel from getting to Cyborg.

Tight End: Superman

You need a guy to help stop the defense, but also be strong and fast enough to get to the ball if it's passed to him? Superman is the best bet here.

Safety: Wonder Woman

I went and looked up safety and it said this, "Safeties are the last line of defense, and are thus expected to be sure tacklers" Can anyone name someone on the DC side that you can depend on more the be certain that a tackle is made? The answer is no. Wonder Woman would excel at this more than maybe anyone.

Cornerback: Beast Boy

Whatever the weakness of the receiver, Beastboy can find an animal to capitalize on it. Whether it's an elephant for strength, a cheetah for speed, or a monkey for agility, Beastboy can transform to make a play.

Red Lantern Corp

When you are powered by rage and someone hits you as hard as they can to get past you and your adrenaline starts pumping, I am certain you can build up enough rage to stop the offense. The Red Lantern Corp is full of angry ruthless, beings. Sounds like a defensive line to me. You don't need anyone else but them on the line and the ends and at either backs.

Running Back: Flash

We all know how easy it would be for him to find a hole and run through it. BUT even if he runs into someone, he will be moving so fast that he might take down the person in front of him.

Wide Receiver: Plastic Man

Just give him enough space and he can literally stretch himself all the way to the in zone. Or he could step over everyone on the way to the in zone. He has options.

Marvel Ironmen

Marvel Owner and General Manager: Tony Stark

Imagine a Tony Stark Press Conference.
Imagine a Tony Stark Press Conference.

Who else would be better than Tony Stark to not only put a team together and also make them the most popular and talked about team in the NFL? I'll answer, no one would do it better. The color scheme may leave a bit to be desired (of course it would be red and gold), he would have his football team number one in jersey sales, endorsements, and stadium attendance. He's Tony Stark and he knows how to sell a product.

Team Color: Red and Gold (duh)

Head Coach: Cyclops

There aren't many people who are better at putting plans together. But, more than that, Cyclops is phenomenal when it comes to putting a plan together when the chips are down. So if DC is winning and they need a play, Cyclops could put a play together to score a winning goal.

Defensive Coordinator: Captain America

Cap has been leading people into battle for decades and, like Ray Lewis, Cap can give a speech that could motivate even the weakest of people. Cap's practices and teachings would so great that no matter who is on the other end, they would ready, willing and, able to go into battle.

Quarterback: Domino

Not only Domino deadly accurate, but she has her luck powers. She could probably be able to throw blind in the pocket as well as throw hail mary passes that would connect 99% of the time. She is also fast and agile enough to dodge tackles if she decided to run.

Offensive Line: Blob, Hulk, Colossus, Thing, Strong Guy

You want guys who are going to protect the QB at all costs. Well, Blob can't be moved so there's that. The rest of the group is almost as unmovable as Blob and the rest of them are all quick on their feet.

Runningback: Juggernaut

Quick and easy; Once Juggernaut gets in motion, nothing is stopping him. So just give him the ball and let him run through everyone. Good luck stopping this guy.

Wide Receiver: Spider-Man

His ability to stick to surfaces mean he won't fumble the ball. His speed and agility will help him avoid oncoming defenders. His spider-sense will warn him if he's going to get blindsided. And if you do catch him, you have to actually be strong enough to take him down. He's perfect.

Tight End: Thor

Strong, fast, and is used to not only protecting people, but also equipt to catching (his hammer). And once he gets the ball, WATCH OUT! He will be running through or jumping over the defense.

Corner Back: Beast

If you're going to have a someone out back defending the pass that also has the skill to catch the ball and the strength and speed to return the ball to score, Beast is your, mutant. It would be great to see Beast snatch the ball before Flash could catch it and then run for a touch down while he tries to get past DC's offensive line.

Defensive Line: Sue Storm, Magneto, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Cable

Using only their telekinetic powers and force fields, this group cold only be stopped by the strongest of the strong individually. Together? YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS!!!

Defensive Tackle: Volstagg

He may act like a goof, but he is as tough as they come. My buddy said "Pick someone, big, strong, and fat". Well, Volstagg the Voluminous fits that criteria perfectly. Plus, give him a target and he will get there or die trying.

Defensive Ends: Wolverine and Sabretooth

You need to guys to find a way to get to the quarterback. Two guys that always seem to find a way to overachieve and get their target. Wolverine and Sabretooth are your guys. Both of them would be hard to stop. Quick, strong, fast, and almost unbreakable. Plus if even Cyborg sees these two guys coming after he might get a little scared.

Who wins? Who did I forget? Let me know in the comments below!!!

Special Thanks to M.I.T.'s Running Back Coach Kenn Jones. This article could not have been done without your help.


Who wins the game?

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